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T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s ======================================= T E N W I N D O W S T O T H E H E A R T # 1 Respect the process Mar 2, '98 # 2 Seeking the heart of diety Mar 2, '98 # 3 Together-in-ease Mar 2, '98 # 4 Tune in to the process of life Mar 24, '98 # 5 The Five Stages of Faith Mar 27, '98 # 6 The Nature of the Universe Apr 7, '98 # 7 The teaching of the day - Faith should be easy Apr 12, '98 # 8 May The Divine Prayer Come to Life Apr 17, '98 # 9 The Way to Truth May 21, '98 #10 Slow but sure, enlarge and enrich your faith May 28, '98 * P R A Y E R S : 1) Prayer for Together-In-Ease 2) Everyday Requests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- -----------
Respect the process Mar 2, '98 ___________________________________________ Mar 2, '98 #1 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ * G i v e * Remove Selfishness * * ~~~~```~~~~```~~~~```~~~~```~~~~```~~~~ * i t a * The desire not to die tires you out. * * When you decide to go down with the ship, * t r y * You are at ease . _________________________________________________________ | TO BE AT EASE IS HAVING AN LARGE SPIRIT | | = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = | | | | A program of nurturing | | | | < The spirit > Like the Earth | | < of > QUIETLY & PEACEFULLY | | < the soil > A C C E P T I N G . | | | | It's a nourishing process | | | | << The larger and more enriched the spirit >> | | << a greater ease evolves >> | |_________________________________________________________| ** ** ** ** The Ideal In Faith ** T H E D I M E N S I O N B E Y O N D ====== ====== ====== ====== b e g i n s f r o m w i t h i n t h e p r o c e s s o f l i f e . ====== ====== *** ====== ====== ___________________________________________________________ | | | Respect the process in your life. | | It is the divine work of the rhythm of the universe. | |___________________________________________________________| ' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' ' ' Any human being just by trying can joyfully and ' ' gratefully follow the way called Together-In-Ease ' ' ' |---------------------------------------------------------------| | Together-In-Ease Together-In-Ease Together-In-Ease | | | | Given a new day, day after day; | | T Given life in the universe; T | | o Living by the blessings of the universe; o | | g And all goes back to the universe. g | | e Then our whole life is for e | | t contributing to and serving the universe. t | | h Seeing and accepting Mother Nature, the universe, h | | e as a living thing, one lives together with it. e | | r Hasn't the modern world lost sight of r | | - this way of living? - | | I ----- ----- ----- I | | n Life is not anything petty to be trampled n | | - on with politics or power. What it is to - | | E hold life dearly is to live life as it is E | | a provided. Mother Nature is the source of a | | s our life. Develop a life relying on s | | e heaven and holding to the earth so that e | | it becomes a living part of you. | | | | Together-In-Ease Together-In-Ease Together-In-Ease | |---------------------------------------------------------------| R E S P E C T T H E P R O C E S S O F L I F E It is the divine work of the rhythm of the universe ***** ******* ***** Harmonizing with the process in everyday life opens the heart to infinite joy eternal peace of mind THE PEACEFUL JOYFUL HEART ( W A G A K O K O R O ) Mar 2, '98 -------- -------- -------- Mar 2, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
Seeking the heart of diety Mar 2, '98 ___________________________________________ Mar 2, '98 #2 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ I wrote this May 19, 1996 | Note I'm using 'God' throughout. after my first week | If you wish, replace it with on the computer. | the Japanese term, 'Kami.' Let's title it: SEEKING THE HEART OF DIETY, OUR DIVINE PARENT When serving God, you must live with the heart of God. Most people do things on their own with the heart of man. Thus, they can only do what the heart of man can do. By doing things with the heart of God, you can do what the heart of God can do. [ Collected Teachings #10 ] I took the liberty of selecting this teaching today. I feel its meaning in most of my activities these past few days. I have just started using a computer and my beginner's mistakes combined with my human heart, with all its limitations, had me suffering to the point of feeling sick. A couple of days ago the computer I was using went dead and I lost a whole page of work. I tried to remember it all and really got tired trying to redo that day's page. On the next day with a new computer I mistakenly erased the page of work I did and again tired myself out redoing it from memory. Then I had ceremonial duties for a day and a half, from preparations up until the service, to the final clean-up and delivering of the offerings. To say the least, I was getting tired from overwork; and my frustration and disappointment didn't help it a bit. That night I conked out quite early. In the morning I awoke feeling feverish. Lacking energy to wash up, I returned to bed. I'd convinced myself I needed the rest, and was sure I was sick. But throughout my whole day, after getting started at breakfast, I didn't have one symptom of illness. It was amazing. I was sure I wouldn't be able to work, but I was proved wrong. It was a pleasant surprise. What does it mean? Like most people using my own heart of man I had met my human limitations. I had worried myself till I was tired and frustrated. And then I continued wearing myself out till I was sickly. At this point my heart of man had reached its limit. I needed the rest. However, I wonder!? Had I missed a chance to practice the heart of God by not attending morning prayers? If I had gone, could I have turned to God, changing from a heart of man to the heart of God? Would my symptoms have cleared up earlier? Could I have realized, and then recognized the blessings at that time? Did I really need to sleep in? The questioning is endless; the possibilities beyond limit, especially through the heart of God. We are taught to turn from worrying and practice faith. "People who practice faith should not become upset. Do not be afraid regardless of how bad things become." With the heart of God, blessings and virtues are provided you. "Without virtue, you will worry. With divine virtue, you will not worry." "Abandon doubts and have faith. Divine blessings are in one's heart." "Whether or not your prayers are answered by divine blessings depends upon your heart." From a heart of man, to the heart of God is a whole new world. "Practicing faith on your own will not bring divine blessings. Practicing faith with the support of God, will." "A heart that feels compassion is a heart of God." I wish to continue developing this heart of God I feel I have found. I pray to build faith in which God can trust. May my heart of faith grow strong and sturdy in the graces of our Principle Parent, through the blessings of the moment, each moment of my daily life. "With a single heart it all comes into being." (Rev. S. Otsubo) Just by trying a quiet, natural joy kept me happy through the night. Mar 2, '98 -------- -------- -------- Mar 2, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
Together-in-ease Mar 2, '98 ___________________________________________ Mar 2, '98 #3 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ---------- ** The Ideal In Faith ** _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Any human being just by trying can joyfully and gratefully follow the way called Together-In-Ease ````````````````````````````````````````````````` R E S P E C T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T H E P R O C E S S O F L I F E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ << It's The Divine Rhythm Of The Universe >> ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ It's where you enter N E S M I I O D T H E N ~~~~~~~~~ B D E N Y O Together-In-Ease is where divinity and humanity meet together in prayer, rejoice together in gratitude, and delight in mutual satisfaction. It is the world in which the divine and the human commune together. That is, both diety and human beings are prospering, happy, and fulfilled. The ideal in the Konko faith is Together-In-Ease. **=========================** Difficulties are invitation cards to a happier life. Mar 2, '98 -------- -------- -------- Mar 2, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
Tune in to the process of life; Faith first, blessings follow Mar 24, '98 ___________________________________________ Mar 24, '98 #4 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ---------- __________________________________ | THIS SAME TEACHING | | WAS SELECTED AT RANDOM | |__ two days in a row __| ___ ___ | After Konko Daijin's physical form is gone, Konko Daijin | | will go wherever asked. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #19] | |___________________________________________________________________| Read March 19, 1998: It's giving an indication of a function which works irrespective of time and space, and is free of all obstacles. However we must come even one step closer to Konko Daijin. It makes it easier for Konko Daijin and is also a shortcut to blessings for us. To do it, you must search out the very limits of yourself and from there take off and proceed wholeheartedly. Here is the sales pitch of a toad cream salesman: "Surrounded on four sides by mirrors the bullfrog, suffering from his own filthiness and wretchedness, begins to drip and drip with greasy oil. Refining this oil we produce a special remedy for cuts." When we look at ourselves in the mirror of the teachings, our filthiness and wretchedness are reflected. This is quite a self-discovery. 7/1/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Read March 20, 1998: Without the conviction of what gets beyond the human founder, a living diety (ikigami), these are unspeakable words. It's an actual proclamation or sworn statement standing on insight and confidence that's fundamentally the same as the universe. 7/10/81 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The faith of the Konko religion is subjective. It comes down to the question: Do you feel Kami in your daily life? If your heart's spirit isn't tuned to the process of life, if it's not turned to the channel of the process of the universe, the human spirit will register but static. To take up the divine way of human life, your heart must be set to recieve the divine heart. You take up the way of the universe as your way of faith. Your heart takes on the ways of the divine heart. The process of everyday life is where we make the divine-human connection. Tune your spirit to the process. The process is the link joining us to the heart of life. It's the divine-human waveband; the channel for divinity and humanity to unite together. When our headminister was in dire straits, high fever and headache, he had a dream indicating two ways out of such hard times. 1) Join together with that process; 2) Renew through that process. By process is meant the sacred working you are receiving at that very moment. It will lead your spirit to emulate the very processes of the universe, the very nature of our universe. translated and adapted from: The Morning Sermon of March 20,1998 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, Headminister Konko Airaku Church, Kurume City Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Let's Emulate It The Nature of the Universe * * * The limitless beauty of humble generosity is manifesting: The heavenly nature The limitless calm of silent acceptance is nurturing: The earthly nature The limitless submission of conscientiousness is following: The orderly nature * * * It's the calm submissive beauty to accept humbly & conscientiously. **=====** **=====** By aiming for blessings faith is very difficult. Seek faith itself; blessings will follow later. The basic content for true faith is to realize that the process of everyday life is the sacred work of God or Kami. There's nothing truer to grasp than the process of life. Take the process seriously -- it's important. Depend on the process; through it renew your spirit, develop your faith. The truth will set you free is often said. The truth of the process in your own life guides you to the way of the universe. To respect the process is to emulate the way of the universe. This truth, this process, puts you on the way to the truths of the universe, the very nature of the universe. Faith is developed through the truth of the process of the universe. You find it in the process of your your everyday life. (Rev. Dick Dusek Mar.22'98) **=====** **=====** Y o U A r E a L i V e Mar 24, '98 -------- -------- -------- Mar 24, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
The Five Stages of Faith Mar 27, '98 ___________________________________________ Mar 27, '98 #5 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ---------- March 27, 1998 The simplicity of faith comes with learning how """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Although it seems that the person or their body is doing it, it's actually the spirit that is doing faith. The spirit is a combination of divine and human works mutually satisfying, mutually fulfilling. Both divinity and humanity enjoy the delights of spiritual development, greater faith. It's the spirit at work, practicing faith. Here's three ways to develop your faith: 1) Be centered on God/Kami It's faith you should aim for, not blessings. Aiming for blessings makes it all so very difficult. Life is provided for faith to be developed, although almost all of us use faith for our lives. Use what happens in life for building faith. 2) It's for me to renew. I'm the one that must do it. Don't try to put blame on anyone or anything else. 3) I must depend on God/Kami. Without divine help, I am helpless. Trust totally in God/Kami. Number Sixty-nine from The Teachings of Konko Daijin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Practicing faith is easy. It is people who make it difficult. Even if you have practiced faith from three to five years, you can still become easily confused. If you continually practice faith for ten years, then you can celebrate with gratitude in your heart. Each day is the beginning of all the days to come. Therefore, receive divine blessings each and every day so every- thing will go well. You should practice your faith easily. The Mini-teachings of Reverend Soichiro Otsubo: Since we don't sufficiently sense the blessings of each and every day we make errors in faith. Faith is practicing to worship your own heart to whatever extent. Saying that practicing faith is easy is, for example, like learning to drive a car. If intent on learning, it is something anyone can learn to do. By not trying to learn, it becomes difficult. (7/20/71) Faith is difficult for someone who regrets the time for coming to worship and the need to offer money. By understanding that Kami allows you to go for worship, that Kami allows you to make offerings, then not only does faith become easy, it becomes something grateful. Continuing such faith for ten years, without any problem, you will be able to celebrate worshiping your heart. By achieving this type of faith-life you will be able to attain a daily living which is bigger and more precious than anything imitatable. (7/21/77) _________<<>>___________ People become skilled at what they really like. We need to like our faith. In order to do that, we should listen to someone who likes faith. To seek for the depths of faith is so pleasant, so joyful. With a heart that has hands clasped in prayer, there are no limits. Like the joint of a bamboo tree, each and every joint of your faith should be taken seriously. From that joint comes new buds, and then branches. (7/29/82) ================= ************** ================= A Summary of Morning Sermons From March 25, 26, 27, 1998 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The teaching on Wednesday, the 25th, was: The religious training of this faith does not involve traditional physical austerities. Doing your everyday work is religious training. [The Teachings of Konko Daijin #39] And the Mini-teaching: When you do your daily work as a form of faith training, it becomes a way to receive divine virtue through your everyday job. Of course, this means that it is important to do our tasks in a way that fulfills Kami's will. It has been seven years since we've received the blessing at Airaku of abolishing all physical austerities. Since then, as we have focused on spiritual training, by trying to keep Kami in mind all day long, offering prayers on a regular daily schedule, and trying to do Kami's will during everyday work, our church has doubled. By the way, trying to receive blessings through physical austerity is just like trying to raise money at a pawn shop. By keeping Kami's will for us in mind all day long, at work as well as at home and in between, everything is arranged for us through natural blessings. 7/30/81 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Comparing what great ministers of the past did with the spiritual training being taught here at Airaku the five steps for faith were listed. First, is going to worship; second, receiving the teaching; third, do spiritual training; fourth, develop one's faith; and fifth, the way to do daily work. The only tough part is getting up to come for morning worship; so much easier than the austerities done in the past. All were called to gather in the mediation hall and instructed in the importance of starting the day early with worship and prayer and the teaching. Then Thursday, the 26th, teaching #67 of The Teachings Of Konko Daijin was read (see below). The headminister spoke of the natural education we can receive through our character, our personality. Even, and especially, our weak points guide us to develop greater faith, a larger spirit. By taking the character one's given importantly, means to polish the gem of the heart, to renew one's spirit. In this way our character leads us to develop a faith through the five stages spoken of yesterday which reaches fulfillment in the way we put it to use in our everyday life. So realizing the blessings of one's character is a way of attaining true faith. Then Friday, the 27th, teaching #69 was read (see above). Faith should be simple and easy. That it's not is proof that our faith is not developed, that we're lacking in faith, or that we are off the track which leads to faith. Are you heading in the right direction? Our headminister spoke of how to swing a golfclub. Most people see the swing as coming through the arms, but actually the whole body is needed for a good swing. Are you only looking at one particular part of faith practice? It takes the whole heart and soul single-heartedly working in one spirit. Thus in our daily lives by putting such true spiritual development into practice the joys of faith come even without asking; really simple when you know what you're doing. ================= ************** ================= March 26, 1998 ` Change is Constant ` ` Nothing is Set for Sure ` ` Without Faith ` ` There's Not a Thing ` ` to Hold On to ` Number Sixty-seven from The Teachings of Konko Daijin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nothing ever stays the same. Unless each person practices faith, it will not last very long. The Mini-teachings of Reverend Soichiro Otsubo: Just as the earth seems to stand still but actually continues its appalling rotation, seemingly nothing has changed but actually it never stays the same. Therefore, it is certain that blessings of even heaven becoming earth and also miracles of white becoming red can be brought about. What we seek is the faith that proceeds to develop more and more gratitude. Consequently, the faith of each individual needs to attain full and vigorous growth. Without looking at others, proceed to keep looking only at yourself. Enter the world of just you and Kami. (7/18/71) _______________<<>>______________ The blind person, the deaf, various people in different circumstances, each realizing their situation must rise to it through faith. Since the blind cannot see, they counteract by developing a strong sense of perception to the point that the person with sight appears ill-suited; the deaf develop precision better than anyone in interpreting the spirit/hearts of others. It's really necessary to demonstrate fully the bodily strengths each of us has. We must actually work at studying and mastering how to be delighted, how to be grateful. (7/19/77) Faith is to seek beyond the truth to greater truths. It's an endless inquiry of endless diligence, but it will open into the world of endless blessings. Where faith furthers the truth it is evident that there are blessings beyond the truth. You add and check by substracting; you substract and check by adding. Thus you are sure of your answer. It's certain that faith never stands still. (7/27/82) ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** The Heart: A Spirit Divine & Human The spirit-heart is NOT the personal possession of people, but a joint venture for divinity and humanity to work on and develop together. The emotions and feelings, the images and messages of the heart are shared properties of the diety and the person. By reading, interpreting, and understanding the spirit of the heart, one can get a grasp, like a hint, of the sacred heart of divinity. Mar 27, '98 -------- -------- -------- Mar 27, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
The Nature of the Universe Apr 7, '98 ___________________________________________ Apr 7, '98 #6 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ---------- * * * A SPIRIT TUNED TO THE RHYTHM OF THE UNIVERSE * * * * EMULATES THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE * * * * * * * * * * * _______________________________________________________________ G I V I N G * C O N S T A N T * A C C E P T A N C E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Nature of the Universe in capsule form `````````````````````````````````````````` For the ideal of life, called 'Together-In-Ease' or Airaku, we must focus on the living, moving process of life (divine work). It's the process of the whole universe manifested in our world for us to see and hear, feel and taste. We can reach and touch this living process of life (the divine process of the universe) in our everyday activities. First, realize the divine process is in your life, in your world. Then develop a spirit, in your heart and through your faith, that respects the process that is happening just for you. In this way you will attain the heart of the universe, the spirit which matches the very nature of the universe. It's the sacred nature of divine grace; it's divine love being manifested for our benefit. The nature of the universe (divine love) is explained in three parts: The offering nature, like the heavens, gives and gives generously in all sincerity; a spirit which offers all without any limit. The accepting nature is like the earth. It continually accepts and takes in everything for the nourishment. Everything and anything is accepted for nurturing a greater and more enriched spirit. The ordering nature is constant and continuous. Like our sun, it never lets up its conscientious and faithful spirit, The nature of the universe permeates all of life; in a word, it's all-pervasive. It is GIVING CONSTANT ACCEPTANCE in every process of life; it's nature is to give and accept constantly. It is the very essence of life in this world. It's divine work in action, the essence of Divine Love. Rev. Dick Dusek, 1pm 4/7/98 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ E M U L A T E T H E S P I R I T O F T H E U N I V E R S E _________________________________________________________________ * * * The Spirit to Offer << g i v i n g >> * * The Spirit to Accept >>>>>>>> g r o w i n g <<<<<<<< * * The Spirit to Continue <*><*> c o n s t a n t l y <*><*> * *_________________________________________________________________* To Accept and To Give At An 8 To 2 Ratio `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The late Rev. Soichiro Otsubo has taught that the base of the human spirit should be 'acceptance' for 80%, and the remaining 20%, the nature of 'giving'. And for maintaining the spirit which respects this rhythm of the universe requires the consistent aspect of faithfulness. A quiet and peaceful posture is recommended to fully develop the base of accepting the everyday graces of one's daily process, for accepting the happenings of life which are presented to us as divine gifts. Then, with a firm base in tune with the rhythm of the universe, what you can offer, what you're be able to give, will come out even more beautifully, much more enriched, and more nourishing for oneself, and everyone and everything around you. **** **** **** It comes down to belief in the process of life. That it is the work of divinity in our midst. The rhythm of life begins with the process. It leads to real joy and true happiness. The way of truth, happiness and peace has no shortcut. The process of your life leads you slow, but sure step by step to ever greater t r u t h . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Respecting The Process Tunes The Spirit To The Rhythm & Nature Of The Universe ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE T P C R E O F O P C S L I F E E E * * S R * * S * T H E N * * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * * * * W h e n A p p r o p r i a t e * * * * The Appropriate Thing Can Be Done * * * * A p p r o p r i a t e l y * * * * * * * * * * * * Apr 7, '98 -------- -------- -------- Apr 7, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
The teaching of the day - Faith should be easy Apr 12, '98 ___________________________________________ Apr 12, '98 #7 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ---------- ---------- Saturday Morning, April 11, 1998 Enter the tatami-matted worship hall before 5 am The lights dimmed, only shine on the altar ahead Sit on the matted floor praying quietly composed ** == ** == ** == ** == ** lights turn on as prayer recitation begins then in the quiet after communal prayers The Teaching of the Day ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i s g i v e n b y Reverend Katsuhiko Otsubo The Headminister Practicing faith is easy. It is people who make it difficult. Even if you have practiced faith from three to five years, you can still become easily confused. If you continually practice faith for ten years, then you can celebrate with gratitude in your heart. Each day is the beginning of all the days to come. Therefore, receive divine blessings each and every day so everything will go well. You should practice your faith easily. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #69] Since we don't sufficiently sense the blessings of each and every day we make errors in faith. Faith is practicing to worship your own heart to whatever extent. Saying that practicing faith is easy, for example, is like learning to drive a car. If intent on learning, it is something anyone can learn to do. By not trying to learn, it becomes difficult. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo -- 7/20/71] Those of us who have heard and know of the ideal in living one's faith have the duty of making it easy. We should take the responsibi- lity to make it easy. It should be easy to practice one's faith, to receive divine blessings, to create a peaceful & joyful heart, and awaken the spirit of one's soul. To make it easy doesn't mean one can relax, lay down, and take it easy. Being made easy is something the ordinary person can do in the regular activities of a usual day. What is it? What can the usual average person easily do to get beyond a normal way of living? The least this ordinary person could do is to train themselves by taking each morning as life itself, and by taking the happenings of one's day and really accept them. The morning becomes the very essence of one's life; the events of an ordinary day take on such meaning that they are truly respected. Anyone can do it, even an ordinary person as you and I. It's easy. The problem is where to put one's objective. What are you aiming for? What do you pray for? Is it the blessings you want? Is it for making things simpler? Of course, this is the place where all human beings start. We all pray for blessings. All of us start here sometime or other. But when our troubles are always seen as problems, it means there is something wrong. How can we reach the goal of doing our everyday duties with true spirit, of taking the ordinary daily routine for spiritual enrichment. This is something I couldn't really understand myself. The ideal of human faith isn't explainable in a few short words or phrases. There is no quick and easy way to explain how the human spirit can be truly opened and awakened. The ideal in faith is an combination of 30 years of experiments and training in the faith of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo. It isn't anything explained so easily. The late Rev. Soichiro Otsubo was once phoned by the director of The Konko Theological Seminary and was asked to explain the ideal that all of his disciples kept speaking about during their studies at the seminary. So one evening, sitting at the mediation desk, he wrote out six points that must be understood for explaining the ideal in faith. And one of these points was spiritual training. In the less, you won't be able to realize that 'everything is divine love' without taking up spiritual training. Developing one's spirit is necessary before being able to see the divine work of love in every aspect of this human world of ours. One needs to polish the gem of the heart in order to realize that everything is divine love. I was reading of a novelist who wrote that he actually considered suicide twice in his life. Once was in his junior high days and again just as he began working as a novelist. In _A_Drop_of_Water_ he states that all is difficulty and hardship. Thus he concludes that we must look at this life from the negative standpoint. It's similar to a Buddhist stance in which all is fate, quite tough and tiresome. I was once told that the ratio of the negative and positive sides of life is something like 7 to 3, or 6 to 4. That we have many troubles in life is true. There are many difficulties; they're quite numerous. For example, how many nice days are there in one year? Disregarding the cold and hot days, the windy and rainy ones, there are but a few truely good days. So most of the year can be considered bad. It's the truth. The difficulties are many. Thus so many people have taken this as the excuse, can we say, to give up. Then what they have is something along the lines of, all is troublesome and difficult. They have to give up; they can't explain any way out the stance that all is hardship. When realizing that every single thing is truly divine love at work, then all things are explainable, all is understandable, and it all can be realized. The whole universe opens up for those reaching the truth that everything is divine love. Every riddle of life will be solved. But it does take time. Spiritual training isn't something you can do hurriedly, in a rush of energy. There is no quick way to go about it. Practicing faith for three to five years, you'll still get confused. By continuing to practice for ten years, then you can celebrate you're faith's heart with joyous gratitude. You will come to be able to apprepriate your character, to worship it. It takes the desire to learn. You really wish to take it up. Those ministers who have reached the point for getting a mission really feel faith deeply with full vigorous feelings. They really desire to pray. They seek wholeheartedly into the depths of faith. Why don't we desire to develop our faith? It's because we don't feel the necessity. It doesn't seem necessary. You need to really want to strengthen your faith. What was it? Oh, Mrs. Ito at age 60 learned how to drive just so she could come to worship regularly. I, myself, really have begun to worship and treasure my own character, with all the faults and failings. How is it done? By taking the process of one's daily life and truly practicing to accept it. One of my daughters and one daughter of my brother, Rev. Mitsuaki, came for mediation. They asked if they could study and get a driver's license. I advised them to follow what happens in their life's process. Then a day or so later my wife read something about driver's license. Here it is. Kami's unmistakable work in the natural process of the everyday live of ordinary human beings. See how easy it is. It should be easy to see and easy to do. How often do you feel Kami each day? During the process of your day, how easy is it to feel divine work? How easy is it to practice faith? Make faith simple to practice. Make it easy to see divine work in the process of ordinary life. Make the joy of faith more desirous for anyone to attain. Make it easy to see and feel Kami in this world. The Teaching of the Day Saturday Morning, April 11, 1998 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, Headminister Apr 12, '98 -------- -------- -------- Apr 12, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
May The Divine Prayer Come to Life Apr 17, '98 ___________________________________________ Apr 17, '98 #8 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ----------- This was received from Kami on April 18 to be put on the bulletin board outside the church: <^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^> < PUT THE HEART INTO PRAYERFUL WORK > < > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ M A Y T H E R E B E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P E A C E I N E V E R Y L A N D I N E A C H H U M A N H E A R T P E A C E A N D E A S E TRUE HUMAN HAPPINESS AWAKENED IN THE HEART OF EVERYDAY WORK *** *** *** *** *** An Attempt At Interpretion Every land and each human is made up of the soil of the earth. The heart of true prayer starts from within the soil of one's land, of one's true being. True peace, actual ease, and real happiness is developed through the living soil working within oneself. It is able to accept and absorb the nourishing virtues and blessings of our universe. To realize such sacred graces requires the will to believe in the natural process of the universe. These blessings can be actualized when respecting the very process of the universe, the great process of divine work in our world. Put this heart into one's everyday work and awaken to a truly amazing world of living blessings. It all begins from the deep workings of the soil in the human heart. The actual, real happenings of daily life is what comes to be the ingredients for the soil's work. *** *** *** *** *** Within The Depths Of Human Spirit: Taking In & Shining Out So very many deep impressions within the last couple of days it will be difficult to get it all down. I want to try. I need to try. It's important. It's paramount. On the 15th I was the duty mediator of the day. Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo gave the morning talk. Receiving teaching #83, he spoke of getting a spiritual heart that is wealthy, adding that the way is slow but sure -- like a trail for horses to trot along (jimichi in Japanese). It requires you to lower your 'self,' to get deeper down (like in a dip) so blessings can just flow in (kubomu). Lower your pride, reduce your stubbornness a little more to gradually feel the definite taste of divine blessings. Then I myself opened to The Divine Call which is when Kami asks the founder to regard his 'self' as dead and his wife as a widow, and give assistance to The Principal Parent helping others find the way to receive divine blessings. Then glancing through the April issue of _AIRAKU_ , which had just arrived, the central teaching and sermon was #27 and contains the phrase: "Exquisite joyfulness sprouts with riches." It was the sermon given on Sunday, March 22, the day I served at my last Saga Faith Gathering. And the phrase to develop the exquisite joy of one's faith had been my chosen theme for the whole year I was to serve at the Saga branch of our church. At my very last meeting in Saga I had spoken of this very teaching, the difference of blessings through faith versus just being good and doing no wrong. Next during afternoon prayers I came to realize the meaning of 'deuce,' a divine message I had received a few days ago. It has to do with two actions happening simultaneously: taking in the light of faith & shining out with the brightness of faith. And this lead me to realize more meaning in the teaching: divine blessings which are "like the feeling of gratitude underlying a sense of ease". [refer to mini-teaching of 7/10/76]. Thus, first lower your 'self' from the heights of human brains, social thinking, and even common sense. Then from within this dip you find an 'ease' that is neither taking the rough training nor the smooth and easy (it's neither right nor left), but the inner drive to reach for universal truth (Kami's truth). Taking the way inside the human spirit and reaching such ease, so finally blessings will naturally (without any pressure) fall into place. Therefore you become truly thankful. We have been taught that without requesting, without praying for it, that blessings will follow and come to you. This is the exquisite faith of the joyous Wagakokoro, a human spirit inviolate and ever celebrating. Therefore the ideal in faith, called together-in-ease, is omnipresent. By respecting the rhythms of the process of life, all goes according to the way it is going and that is how all things will work out. Do you feel the process as your very livlihood? If you do, then we can speak of when it's appropriate, the appropriate is done appropriately. Anyway, my major point is joining the inner drive and outer reflection of faith with the ideas of getting deeper down into the dip or depths of the spirit for the ease of blessings to flow and produce a natural gratitude. 4/22/98 Rev. Duice Shingo [Deuce is spelt like Dusek without the final 'K'; ] [ and the 'S' is replaced with the 'IC' of Dick. ] ===== ***** ===== ***** ===== ***** ===== M A Y T H E D I V I N E P R A Y E R C O M E T O L I F E ===== ***** ===== ***** ===== ***** ===== People have often wondered why a man who is honest and like a kami or buddha is often afflicted with many misfortunes. There is a difference between a good, honest person who does not do wrong and a person who has received divine blessings through faith. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #27] Just because a person studies religion or lives a very moral life does not mean that they understand or experience the blessings given by Kami. The divine blessings we are talking about are characterized by a feeling of gratitude which underlies the sense of "ease" we experience. In other words, it is possible to live with a sense of heavenly paradise in both your body and your soul. Believers who achieve this state, taste life without poverty, strife or sickness and live in a world of truth, goodness, and beauty. An excellent plot of Japanese ginger Has butterburs sprouting with it. (Exquisite joyfulness / Sprouts with riches.) 7/10/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] ****** *** ****** R E S P E C T T H E P R O C E S S O F L I F E It is the divine work of the rhythm of the universe ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do not think of becoming rich in one year. The future is long. The small amounts you save will grow, but the money you gain in one stroke will soon disappear. Those with faith must not be greedy and selfish. You should not try to make money easily, as if you were grasping grain with a wet hand. You should become rich a year later than others. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #83] Being wealthier than others; eating more delicious food than others; wearing better clothes than others; having a higher status than others. This is what I think are the conditions for happiness in society today. In other words, it's the illusion that happiness is in a high place. The spirit of "a year later than others" is the heart of a sunken hollow. That is to say, as a sunken depression in the ground is where water collects, all the conditions for happiness naturally, ever so naturally coming from over there, come to be met. Furthermore, it never runs out (become exhausted); the way is opening wider and ever more wider endlessly. __ __ | | | | "Like the way water gathers | |__| | into a depression, all the |________| world's problems gather in India China this hiromae." Japan [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/12/83 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An excellent plot of Japanese ginger Has butterburs sprouting with it == == === == == Exquisite joyfulness Sprouts with riches ____________________________________________________ With the completion of this sacred staff, I (Kami) will end your farming career. Please understand. When you are out farming, the person at home has to go out and call you whenever someone comes to give a request. And after you relay the request, you have to go back out again. You have to keep going in and out of the field. This gives you little time for farming, and the worshipper must also wait for you. Both you and the worshipper are being inconvenienced. Won't you stop farming? When you were gravely ill at forty-two, the doctor gave up hope. Everyone worried about you. You prayed to kamis and buddhas and were blessed with complete recovery. Regard this event as your death. Dispel all desires and assist Tenchi Kane No Kami. Also, your wife should consider herself a widow. This is better than being a real widow, as she can still talk to you and discuss matters. She should take the children with her to do the farm work. There are many people like yourself, who have sincere faith in kamis, but still have many problems. Help these people by performing toritsugi-mediation. This will help Kami and save people. Man exists because of Kami, and Kami exists because of man. Thus, Kami supports man as Kami's child, and man supports Kami as his parent. There will be eternal prosperity through this mutual interdependency. [The Divine Call of Konko Daijin - November 15, 1859] For the first time since humans began practicing religion, {that from which religions sprang/that which precedes religion} has been brought into the world of everyday life, the Konko Religion. "Join your heart and mind to Me," the Divine Request which was given to Konko Daijin from the heart of Kami, was at one and the same time both stern and gentle, gentle and stern. It is, namely to "regard this event as your death" and "dispell all desires"; it's that "your wife should consider herself a widow -- this is better than being a real widow, as she can still talk to you and discuss matters." The ultimate request of Kami is the manifestation of the Airaku world to save and fulfil both Kami and man. 7/1/78 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] NOTE: 'Airaku world' is where Kami and man meet together in prayer, rejoice together in gratitude and delight in mutual satisfaction. It's a world in which Kami and man commune together, both Kami and man being saved, both prospering. It is the ideal faith in the Konko religion. ___________ ____________ ____________ Pray not only to heaven, but to earth as well. One shouldn't just depend on Kami. One must come to be abe to worship one's own spirit. When one can worship difficulty as divine love is the first time that you really worship your own spirit **** *** *** **** This is Kami's Concern for Human Salvation Very Appropriate for the Spring Grand Ceremony April 16th at Airaku Konko Church Although people live between heaven and earth, they are unaware of Kami's blessings. Shrines, temples, and houses all stand on Kami's land. Without realizing this, people consult the Days & Directions and are disrespectful to Kami. They suffer hardships due to these offenses. Tenchi Kane No Kami has sent Ikigami Konko Daijin to provide blessings and teachings so that mankind may prosper. Kami is Kami because of man, and man is man because of Kami. Both are fulfilled through this mutual relationship. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #3] Proclaiming from the start in a strong loud voice what Tenchi Kane No Kami has to say, it teaches us for the first time the way of prosperity for both Kami and man. These are the points it explains logically: Being unaware of the great blessings of the universe and unaware of the way we are disrepectful toward the universe and of how that leads to the roots of hardships. Namely, that "shrines, temples and houses all stand on Kami's land" and that "people consult the Days and Directions." However, it's not just that. While it indicates human misconceptions and misunder- standings, it is pointing toward a realization of the ideal world for Kami and for man to continuously seek to comprehend Konko Daijin's teachings. 7/15/75 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] ************************ SINCERITY IS The Real Thing ---- ---- When you try your best to do the real thing B l e s s i n g s F o l l o w Apr 17, '98 -------- -------- -------- Apr 17, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
The Way to Truth May 21, '98 ___________________________________________ May 21, '98 #9 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ----------- Neither right nor left, Go further inward into the truth of yourself, your true heart -- the true character, health and welfare of one's faith-life. One's truth polished brighter will be able to shine with divine truth. Unite and together even the "mission: impossible" will be made possible. Ease and Joy lights the true way. It's simpler than you think, easy enough for a child to do; until you do it, it's seen as something over there, beyond one's reach, But Not So! It IS easy! One's truth reaches faith in God and puts God at ease. God is pleased and puts us at ease. Without knowing it joy begins to take form: a faint scent, a fragrance, the aroma of truth. Get down to the truth of oneself. One just has to rely on divine grace; Without divine support is personal disgrace. Reach deep down into one's true self. Where one's truth meets the greater truth of the divine universe is when mutual ease permeates the air one breathes, and then the atmosphere gives birth to a joy that is shared by the universe & us. ______________________________________________________________________ The impossible becomes possible through a Wagakokoro (United in Joy) ______________________________________________________________________ Don't let up, don't take it easy; Let ease come up naturally through divine joy, through pleasing Kami and letting Kami feel at ease. __________________________________________________________________ Face The Process Of True Life It's not really A Demon God, but The Divinity of the Universe. (the world of the founder's faith) It's not really A Tragedy Of Troubles, but Divine Love at work. (the faith of the first pastor of Airaku) The Process Is Divine Work In Our World ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First stage of faith ::: blessings All goes according to one's expectations Second stage of faith ::: strengthening Expecting to go right, things go left; wanting it to go left, things go right. So much happening opposite than expected. Third stage of faith ::: virtues Kami is pleased and the joy is shared with us. ___________________________________________________________________ Don't let up! Let true joy come up through being together (Kami-Man) at ease From underneath divine-human ease, springs joyous truth. May 21, '98 -------- -------- -------- May 21, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
Slow but sure enlarge and enrich your faith May 28, '98 ___________________________________________ May 28, '98 #10 W I N D O W T O T H E H E A R T <= passages for awakening the spirit => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ---------- ----------- Toward Greater Expectations In Faith ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faith is realized when the follower and Kami become close. Faith will fade if you stand in fear of Kami. Stay close to Kami. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #23] It's to really come to like faith. There are many who like blessings, however, Kami doesn't give blessings which are exactly what we want. When things don't go our way, we dislike faith. When you like faith and like the training and get divine virtue, you receive blessings beyond your expectations. To actually become close to Kami is to really become the person Kami likes. <> It's to become your most charming self. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/5/70 In the homily this morning Rev. Eishiro Otsubo spoke again of his utmost desire to seek the true spirit of a contentment whereby life is happy without any need of anything else. He received the character for being content, 'michiru' in Japanese. Speaking of ginseng, he said, those who continue to come for early morning worship will receive blessings of health, family welfare and success sometime even before they realize. It's true! I, myself, feeling strongly my own inadequate attempts in faith, have perceived that my faith is so inept, that my spiritual heart is grasping such a tiny world of real faith. Yesterday the teaching read was: Anger casts a cloud over one's heart. In the mini-teachings is: "When your heart's cloudy, blessings are not mirrored." and in another: "A world without anger is a world without dissatisfaction or deficiency." and one more: "Because when angry we have a small heart, blessings are stopped." Realizing my true ineptitude, I began to see that Kami's greater world, though appearing to me so contrary to any desired standard, is actually moving toward the unmistakable development of ever greater blessings and even more enriching virtues of truth, excellence and beauty. I desire to enlarge my faith for Kami's greater plans to be fulfilled. It will require more silent, patient acceptance of what is going on. I realize that even the contrary activities I'm perceiving are within the divine design to create what Kami is praying to achieve. May my faith enlarge and become more accepting to be of service to the world and assist the fulfillment of the divine will. A goal so high will take time, of course. Go at it slow but sure. Check each step along the way. Do you feel indications of Kami being set at ease? Work to get evermore closer to Kami's work. It's a slow moving process of sure-footed steps opening into a world of joyful ease, an infinity of true blessings. May 28, '98 -------- -------- -------- May 28, '98 Rev. Dick Dusek of Airaku Konko Church in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ------- -------
P R A Y E R F O R T H E D I M E N S I O N B E Y O N D _________________________________________________________________ | It was an original prayer of the late Rev. Soichiro Otsubo. | | 'Airaku' can be interpreted as "coming together with ease," | | a world where the divine will and the human heart meet. | |___ ___| ---- ======================================= ---- | | | Beyond heavenly paradise is ... | A I R A K U , | The Dimension Beyond. | | | Airaku is | where Kami and man | | meet together in prayer, | rejoice together in gratitude and delight in mutual satisfaction. | Airaku is a world in which Kami and man | | commune together. That is, both Kami | and man are saved and prospering. Airaku is the ideal in | Konko faith. | | | ---- ======================================= ---- The prayer of Airaku {recited by prayer leader} Protected by the universe, reared by the universe, revert to the universe. Through this world and the next, given life in the midst of its virtue. Even being blessed without knowing of its great favor. Ungraciousness to the universe. Suffering through the cycle of misfortune. How wretched all suffering can be. Man, on his own, conceived the world as hardship, a world of suffering. Even though he prayed, he couldn't find happiness. Here the founder, Ikigami Konko Daijin, has been sent. Blessings are bestowed on those who pray; teachings are provided. The way has been manifested to help Kami and give man joyous lives. Then, considering the character of the universe, As it's taught it is vital to emulate the nature of the universe, Realizing the nature of the universe, lead a life of faith following the laws of the universe, perceiving Kami's endless favors, bathing in Kami's boundless blessings, so to attain more and more divine gifts of happines and prosperity. Through divine guidance may all be led to commune with Kami. May the faithful who come be led to understand the blessings of Kami, be led to lead lives of genuine faith. May Kami be pleased; may man be pleased; may Konko Daijin also be pleased. To receive such blessings, even unworthy as I am, may I be given boundless divine favor that will be an example of such great blessings. For this I devote myself to my physical limits and spiritual limits. For a life of faith development is what I solemnly request. That the suffering people of the world be led to their awakening is for what I solemnly pray. Ikigami Konko Daijin Sama. Tenchi Kane No Kami Sama. Ikigami Konko Daijin Sama. Tenchi Kane No Kami Sama. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A I R A K U is a step beyond heavenly paradise. ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ I T ' S DIMENSION BEY E O H It is where N Kami and people T meet together in prayer, D rejoice together in gratitude and delight in mutual satisfaction. A world where Kami and people commune with each other; T both are prospering, D H both fulfilled. N E O DIMENSION BEY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _________________________________________________________________ | Here are prayers that were written by Rev. Dick Dusek while | |___ he was studying at the Seminary of the Konko Religion. ___| D A I L Y P R A Y E R S ~~~~~~~~ =========================== ~~~~~~~~ Pray for the world of man to reach the world of Kami and fulfill each mutually in true Wagakokoro life for world peace, universal happiness and eternal prosperity. Pray that Tenchi Kane No Kami's requests come to full life in the Wagakokoro of man, the heart-spirit of human life. Pray for each human request and every prayer of man to reach closer and closer to the Parental Kami's everlasting supporting love for mankind's very existence. Pray for Konko Daijin's mediation of all of human life to maintain the process of divine enrichment which will bring praise and glory to reflect the divine virtue and blessings of Kami. Pray for each and every occupation and position of human life to fulfill its mission for the world of man and of Kami. Pray for broad appreciation and deep gratitude to surpass the insufficiencies of our faith, the irreverences of man, whether known or unknown, to bring glory to Kami's Heart. Offer up all impurities, worries, sufferings and fears of man to Kami and request the divine arrangement of everything and everybody with single-heartedness. Pray that today be better than yesterday and a gift of joy for tomorrow; that Kami be happy, that man be happy and that Konko Daijin also be happy. *****==============*****=============*****=============*****
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