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Wednesday, May 5, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, pastor People living between heaven and earth are the children of The Principle Parent. If your body is in pain or ill, it is difficult to work. Pray for physical well-being, diligence in your work, rich grain harvests, and for your horses and cows. Pray with sincerity for everything. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #51] The innocent prayer is like wishing to win the ball game in the vacant lot. It's the simple request of a person just trying to be happy as a living human being. Blessings of this kind are like getting a teething ring. We need to receive blessings which really become a living part of us. That is the meaning of praying with sincerity. 7/11/82 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] This teaching was received in a long revelation: "On the morning of December 19, 1867, Kami (Our Parental diety) imparted, 'Humans living under Nittenshi (the sun diety) are Kami's children. If your body harbors pain or illness, working will be difficult. Pray for physical safety, diligence in your work, and abundant grain harvests; pray even for your horses and cows. Pray with sincerity for everything. The power of Gattenshi (the moon diety) is directed toward pregnancy and child rearing. During pregnancy, the parents' hearts and minds play a crucial role. With their menstruation terminated due to pregnancy, mothers who abort a child will encounter misfortune afterwards. Praying to Kami with a sincere heart will dispel difficulties and bring relief. Through the virtue of Konko Daigongen's (the founder's) mediation, Nittenshi Gattenshi Kimon Kane No Kami (the Parental diety) can be realized. Konko Daigongen saves people from their troubles and teaches them the road to relief. This year marks the eleventh year since Kami first requested your assistance. Konko Daigongen, henceforth, you shall be upheld as a kami. You have revealed the virtue and influence of Tenchi No Kami (the Parental diety) to the world. I am grateful. Konko, I express My thanks. I am saying these things for you to keep them in mind from now on.'" In 11 years time the founder raised his faith from fears of curses and trying to escape punishment, to seeking the ever greater blessings of divine benevolence; not only was his name changed stage after stage in his development, but the name of Kami also changed. What was thought to be curses and suffering, began to be seen as training for receiving abundant blessings. What was the fearful demon diety, became recognized as part of the benevolent world of the principle diety of the universe. This is something never before accomplished. Curses, orginal sin, fate and taboos have limited our recognition to but half of the universe. Religions, even today, capture but half of the works of Kami. Recognizing the divine love in all things relieves our fears and opens the heart to the truths of the universe. Each of us want blessings to be saved. But blessings like a teething ringwill not be satisfactory for long. Our faith must be developed. We learn to stand, and then to walk, and continue on and on. Faith must seek for greater truth. We wish to reach for greater and greater truth, from one truth we reach for the next and for the next. One stage must be broken down for the next to be created. The energy for creation is endless. The development of the heart knows no limits.
Tuesday, May 4, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo A metal cane will bend and a bamboo or wooden cane will break. Use Kami as your cane, and then you will be at ease. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #57] Don't rely on money; don't rely others; don' rely on your own self. There is not one thing that you can depend on. The only thing to rely on, you will realize, is just Kami. After that realization, single-hearted faith comes about on its own and you can live in the world of trust. Since it teaches "use Kami as your cane, and then you will be at ease," if you are not at ease, this is evidence that you are relying on something other than Kami. Money and possessions and people are all things which come to you from outside of you. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/8/71 The events of the church all proceed in tune with divine work. You can feel it. For example, the 13th's Meeting or the evening of January 8th. If you don't feel it, you are off-course. Yesterday's day of sports and then today's rain. Don't you feel the timing of it? Each time I have gone to play golf the next day has been rain. The carnival-like party on April 1st was also followed by rain the next day. The feeling of it! Like intercourse it must be felt, otherwise it's not true. The channel in tune has the feeling; out of tune, reception is minimal, if at all. What is the basis of taking this or that action? Where do we get our energy? Our pastor receives his energy all from the process around him. Depending on the process of divine work makes it easy. If you're not at ease, realize you're relying on something different than the process. Selfish motives lead to nothing; they just disturb the process. December 12, 1880 a person came to the founder's worship hall saying their three-year-old girl was missing. Kami revealed, they need not worry and should return home feeling relieved. That afternoon they came again with the child to give thanks. The mother discovered that a friend had taken the child to the village. When the founder expressed appreciation for this, Kami gave him various teachings. The founder was feeling various things deeply, in order to receive such teachings. Also, at this time, various people were planning to build a shrine for Kami. Kami stated. "Those involved in constructing the shrine cannot be trusted." The people of the village could not accept building it on the founder's property. Then on December 25, 1880 Kami revealed to the founder: "Right now the world is human-centered. All things are done by people's own power, and many people are going against My teachings [the process]. Those who do as 'I' say shall become a kami. Long ago, it was a kami-centered world. Now it is a human-centered world. Because of this, I shall teach people to return to a kami-centered world. Difficulty and suffering are caused by people's own hearts. Whether or not they can live in a peaceful world also depends on their own hearts." This teaching was explained to Fujii Tsunejiro the same day. He had told the founder he would build a house south of the carpenter's shed. Rely on Kami and all is at ease. If you're not at ease, realize you're relying on something different than the process (Kami's work). Selfish motives lead to nothing; they just disturb the process. Get back to a kami-centered way of life. Depend on the process for all to go well.
Monday, May 3, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo People talk of purification, but instead of purifying your body, purify your heart and practice faith. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #38] Just as you take the stiffness from the body by applying a strong massage, the same goes for the stiffness of the heart. You must practice the content of the teaching very carefully and get to the truth. The heart will be purified to an extent you won't believe. Today there was a request by a person who suffered with a problem for the past two or three days that caused stiffness in the heart. As I told the person, "Since through such circumstances you are receiving training for your faith, while praying for help, you must also express your gratitude." Soon after that they visited to offer their gratefulness. Because they saw the truth, the many days of suffering and the stiffness of the heart were just taken away. Since originally we are selfish with desire, we accumulate stiffness. Devoting ourselves to purifying selfishness is most important. 7/20/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] A teaching so straightforward. Instead of physical blessings, renew your spirit. How deep into the truth is this understood? Any woman wants to be beautiful. They diet and exercise. They use make-up and style their hair. Instead of money and material riches, it's the heart, the spirit for blessings to accumulate. It must be a spirit which attracts and develops blessings. The spirit of peaceful joy (Wagakokoro) is where blessings are. It's not a fad. It's not stationary. A living spirit growing in joy, developing in blessings. It's truly amazing, and it's genuine, real, and human. When will you notice it? -- this omnipresent, eternal saving of the human spirit -- The founder records signs of his recognition in the 4th year of Meiji (1871): September 8 Kami revealed, "Just give teachings of this faith to those who come with requests for fate and fortune, building construction, building renovation, house moving, or marriage arrangement." And then on January 19, 1872 Kami spoke, "Since Konko Daijin's way of mediation has been established, if people listen to and accept my teachings, they will find relief. Kamis as well as buddhas will rejoice. People are to value their parents and get along well with their spouse. The family should be harmonious. People keep consulting the Days and Directions and don't pray to Me, Tenchi Kane No Kami. The Days and Directions do not matter. They should pray and get My permission. I (Kami) shall maintain their prosperity." On August 31, 1872 Kami gave this message: "Tell the followers to uphold the community of Ikigami Konko Daijin which spreads the way of Tenchi Kane No Kami. Pray wholeheartedly for the Konko Daijin community. Instead of saying, 'I will chant a prayer for you,' say, 'I will mediate your request to Kami.' Tell all the believers that they should give their requests through their own hearts. Blessings are found in one's heart. ..." The following year this is to be incorporated in the Divine Reminder: I k i g a m i K o n k o D a i j i n T E N C H I K A N E N O K A M I Pray with a single heart. Blessings come through one's peaceful, joyful heart. Now pray on this very day. Using all of human talent and skills what you realize is that you cannot build, you cannot develop true happiness. Developing one's own world does not lead to happiness. You must awaken the spirit of the human heart. The dilemma of the founder, of our first pastor is how can this eternal and omnipresent way to true blessings be awakened. It's the dilemma of the human race. When will we notice the spirit to receive true blessings?
Sunday, May 2, 1999 Wagakokoro Day service 10am Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, pastor Konko Daijin tells how he has received blessings from Tenchi Kane No Kami. For those who doubt and do not listen to what Konko Daijin says, let them be. They are so darling. They will receive divine blessings when the time comes. You will understand this when you have children. Children who do not listen to their parents are most distressing. Parents can do nothing for children who do not listen to them. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #20] This is why we call Tenchi Kane No Kami 'The Parent Kami.'* It's not that "a lost soul is beyond redemption," but that the divine request is at the depths of parental care. In the teaching there is "they are so darling."* It does not mean 'they're pitiful.'* It expresses the very depths of The Divine Heart. Therefore Kami and humans can announce themselves as 'parent and child.'* From that point, when you apologize you are forgiven, and when you cling to Kami you are blessed. You should understand well the parts with an asterisk (*). 7/2/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The founder's relation with Kami became deeper and deeper. How is our relationship with Kami? Is it changing? Is it getting deeper? In 1851, after realizing he had the curse of seven graves, he continues the construction of a new house for his family. The fear of Kami is felt in everything he records: seeks Kami's permission specifying details of enlarging the house on three sides, east, south, and west; has had dates and directions set by a specialist; apologizes, admitting his primal ignorance; promises to set up an altar and recite prayers fifty times. Then 17 years later, Dec 19, 1867, his faith has developed and he receivesthis teaching from Kami: People living between heaven and earth are the children of The Principle Parent. If your body is in pain or ill, it is difficult to work. Pray for physical well-being, diligence in your work, rich grain harvests, and for your horses and cows. Pray with sincerity for everything. [Teach/ K D #51] The feeling toward Kami has completely shifted. It is a benevolent Kami that the founder prays to. Is our faith in Kami changing? As the relation with Kami deepens, our respect for the process of life deepens. Even just trying to develop a peaceful, mild and joyful, grateful spirit brings about blessings. As the relation with divine work of the process develops, the process begins to work for you. The blessings we receive in the Konko faith are natural and come when appropriate. On July 15, 1875 the founder records this revelation (see below). Blessings gather like the way water collects in a depression, like the world's problems gathering in this hall of worship. __ __ | | | | "Like the way water gathers | |__| | into a depression, all the |________| world's problems gather in India China this hiromae." Japan
Saturday, May 1, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, pastor Your lifetime is a training period of faith. It is like the scholar who growing old will wear glasses to pursue his studies. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #37] This morning Mrs. Yukiko Akinaga of Fukuoka came to worship and gave this account. "The other day I had a dream. The elderly Mrs. Nakamura of Kitano was laying down at the mediation area. So I went closer and found that she was dead. Then Oyasensei quickly went up before Kami and when he prayed she was brought back fully alive." Just as in this dream of Mrs. Akinaga a situation concerning the faith of Mrs. Nakamura has arisen. Since her grandchild became sick her faith has recently improved more than before to where her daily worship is so much alive that it would be hard for young people to match. I think here particularly, since a lifetime is the training period of faith, that I want to fulfill my life by training which is not withering, but that is alive and leads to great virtue. The training that is alive is a training which brings joy. 7/19/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The life of a flower is short and full of hardship. Without faith, this world is full of suffering, it is a world filled with pain. Even with faith, if prayer is pursued only for selfish reasons, then the training will certainly be painful. In the pursuit of faith, when there are difficulties, if you realize it is possible to acquire strength and divine virtue from them, then the hardship has a benefit -- it is possible to find joy in it. This is genuine training. When you try to take the easy way, it's not easy, but when we pursue faith without easing up, there is paradise. Trying to live perfectly is difficult. However, Kami is there to meet you in the struggle, just as you are. In other words, this is the way of faith to join Kami as a living spirit, in this life, not the next. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/20/76 The founder and our master studied and trained their faith. To be alive and growing, developing is to practice faith. If you are not feeling something deep down and something exciting, then your faith is not genuine. It's like you study because there is a test. Just studying for the test is terrrible. What is the point? To find ease and be relaxed? To reach blessings one desires? Such a goal makes coming for morning worship torturous. Step by step, trial after trial, repeatedly tryed and tested the founder developed the way to live and see everything as divine love. It's not something he did all of a sudden. It evolved slow and easy over many stages of faith development. He came to feel daily the exciting and deeply moving work of divinity in his everyday life. Yes, his world changed. The example of Picasso was given. His paintings developed through stages and he came to see a new way. He was a hundred years ahead of his time. Using his diaries, letters and even receipts this process is explained. In a similar manner, the founder's writings show his faith developing stage after stage.
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