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Tuesday, April 20, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo The poorest people are those who know neither Kami's teachings nor the true faith. [How to Develop Faith #48] The First Time To Hear Kami's Teachings The First Time To Know Of The True Faith Things I did before I had faith I regret. Through my present faith I am receiving blessings and am now in ecstasy with my life. When you can pray for those you don't yet know to be blessed with such joy is when you can, indeed, say for the first time that you have come to understand this teaching. 7/15/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] I wish to pursue the way of true blessings. It truly saves myself. It's salvation which is omnipresent, anyone, anywhere, any period of time can receive it; it's fundamental salvation from deep within; it works horizontally attracting those around you. This way of faith saves eternally, because the process never ends. It spreads naturally. You need NOT spread it yourself. True blessings put you at ease. It's not anything like the short satisfaction of immediate blessings. It's more basic than just blessings of health, family, possessions and money. In the teachings of Konko Daijin there is only one song or verse which I have found. It concerns the way of faith. Konko-Sama, on January 16, 1883, the year of his passing, said, "Today, I'll tell you about the name, Konko. Konko means, 'golden light shines.' The 'kon' comes from 'kane' in Kane No Kami. The 'ko' comes from 'hikari,' meaning sunlight. Sunlight provides the world with light. Therefore it means that the entire world is being blessed by Kane No Kami's light shining throughout the world." He continued, "I'll tell you this little poem that Kami revealed to me: The true way of Konko Makes the world bright, Shines through Heaven, And will last forever." [Teachings of Konko Daijin II, Konko Hagio 21]
Monday, April 19, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo The poorest people are those who know neither Kami's teachings nor the true faith. [How to Develop Faith #48] The person who entered the gate of the university and went out the back says, "I went to university" or "I graduated." It's a humorous story. Even for faith, there are those who say they just passed through the gates of the church. They have neither the body nor the blood of faith. It's faith which slips right through. Unless you follow the teachings and practice the true way, even the blessings you receive will not lead to human happiness. There's nothing but to say it's both sad and pitiful. Since you want faith to be easy, then it's really pathetic. Unless you are permitted to take it easy, true happiness will not come about. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/10/75 The three-point movement for a balanced faith life is 1) to raise our reasoning studying the founder and the way to truer faith, 2) applying the principles we learn in our daily lives, experimenting and proving them, and 3) passing on the knowledge of how to live the way of Kami. At the 25th anniversary, over 5 years ago, Mrs. Nozaki of Miyazaki started practicing faith and received messages that only now are clear. The first pastor is NOT a demigod or ikigami, but a kami. This was quiet confusing at the time. However, like the founder he developed toward becoming one with the universe, one with divine work. He became a kami. Studying the founder's records we can understand now. She also received a image in a triangle shape. The center was the altar; to right was the founder; and to the left, the first pastor. She couldn't believe it at the time. She thought it should be the reverse, 'cause the founder is greater than our pastor. Drawing the triangle from the top down the left side first, she thought the founder and our pastor should be reversed. Now, however, this is how the worship hall has come to be. Framed portraits of the founder and the first pastor are to the right and left of the altar in the center. Then there's Mrs. Shibata who has received the image of an onion. She's talking to it and it says, "Let's meet again." And when questioned answered her nicely, "I'm always here." The onion stands for our troubles, hardship. Almost everyone tries to examine the cause or roots of the problems they face. The major point our first pastor has taught is these reasons are not needed. The many explanations as fate, wrongs, sin, etc., etc. will not help save you. You can cut away these roots of the onion and only concentrate on how to accept the onion plant itself. Use the 'recipe' for cooking it. When you eat it, you'll find it delicious. An onion is good to eat, isn't it? The founder writing the name of the demon god, Konjin, inserted one letter inbetween the two characters and made it, Kane No Kami, a god of benevolence. The work of Kami is first seen as big problems, but taken with the character of sacredness are divine blessings, divine work. So face your 'onion' problems, accept them as great divine arrangements, and they lead you to even greater blessings.
Sunday, April 18, 1999 Wagakokoro Day Service 10AM Reverend Katsuhiko Otsubo, Pastor Even a fox or badger would be happy to be revered as a kami. People, who are the masters of all living things, should practice faith looking forward to becoming a kami after death. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #44] The faith of Konko Daijin is the way to attain kamihood just as an ordinary person. You need not become a monk. You need not enter the monastery. It's something that happens as you feel the divine love which just has to bring happiness to human beings. When you sense that loving feeling of our Principle Parent, you will pursue nothing other than the way of a kami. 7/4/82 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The founder, Ikigami Konko Daijin, in a frame is displayed on the right wall by the altar; our master, Rev. Soichiro Otsubo, is in a frame on the left-side wall. This is the new style of our church. Both the founder and our first pastor have become kamis. Not from the beginning, of course. Through a slow process of developing stages. Just ordinary people, both of them, taking on divine qualities step by step. Viewing the processes they have undergone, we realize that anyone of us can be like the founder. It all comes down to what you choose to achieve, what you aim for, focus on. Here's a note our first pastor made showing a change in his outlook. "Until now I've paid attention to worldly concerns, like wanting money or to dine on good foods. However, I now have the desire to be kami-like. To renew is thoroughly to shift one's course, which was focusing on materialistic concerns, to the spiritual. This is faith." [Rev. S Otsubo] The desire to change our outlook is developed naturally, without pressure. We shift our focus from the concerns of a child to more mature matters. We want to be saved. Looking at the teachings we can set our aims. Looking at the records of the founder we see real development of a farmer becoming partially divine and raising his human qualities. From becoming a follower of the parental diety in 1858 he developed through 10 years to the stage of a demi-god, part divine and part human. Even from that point he continued to get closer to being one with the Principal Parental diety. If the goal is for blessings, it just like receiving a handful of nourishment, a rice-ball. These are blessings which don't last. But to save oneself, one's family, and continue such prosperous blessings generation after generation, we need to shift our focus. Growing to adulthood we must not insist on being always at our mother's breast. Clearly we can develop and grow so that the appropriate is done apropriately. First the shift in outlook is a necessity. Reduce one's personal and selfish desires for grander everlasting development. The way of Kami is within the lives of ordinary people like us.
Saturday, April 17, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Practice faith like a plum blossom rather than a cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms fall quickly. Plum blossoms endure the cold weather and do not fall quickly. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #29] Faith which just prays for tangible blessings is faith like the cherry blossom. Faith which prays to awaken the spiritual heart must receive Kami's divine virtue. By practicing faith like the plum blossom, the blessings received will have buds and blossoms. Scratching because it itches is faith like the cherry blossom. Enduring patiently, although it itches, is faith like the plum blossom. Divine virtue is attained while enduring. Abilities through spirit possession is faith like the cherry blossom. Divine virtues from Kami is faith like the plum blossom. 7/12/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Sitting in the worship hall for the morning talk I have forgotten to replenish my notepaper. I try to remember and even listen again to the tape of the talk. However, I have forgotten it completely. To examplify the teaching today, I'll use some recent developments in my own faith-life. On the 14th I felt something strong and huge. I talked of needing to enlarge my faith-heart for a greater capacity to accept. Our capacity can be endlessly enlarged all the way to the size of the universe. I wish to have huge accepting faith like the universe. I couldn't yet understand the point of it all, but larger acceptance, happier faith was absolutely necessary. After the huge blessings of the Grand Ceremony for Tenchi Kane No Kami the 16th, my wife came into the large dining room with worries that needed assistance. She and I sought mediation with Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo: What faith should we practice? We were told of the everlasting bond joining parent and child -- that it's similar to our connection with our divine parent. This bond is such that when the parent develops and grows, it automaticaly goes to the child. We realized our faith must pursue a new dimension, a new depth, a major shift. Returning to the room I amazingly found just such an instance in the founder's life. His son, Hagio, over a week's time became gravely ill. He had prayed for his recovery, but his condition worsened. His wife was worried and asked for prayers. The founder was strict. "How do you expect me to pray for his life? You should know that we all belong to Kami-Sama. Change your overall way of thinking in this regard. For him to suffer from a life-threatening illness on this important, annual service day is due to the hearts of the children and yourself. His illness can't be helped. Don't mind if he dies. Leave him alone. Today, I must serve Kami-Sama." Kami even informed the founder to not feel any pity, to kill his concern for his son. He told his wife to give sacred sake to the sick young man and went to the worship hall to perform mediation until after dark. It was 1867, the year before the Meiji Restoration began. His son, Hagio, was 19 years old. My wife and I decided to shift to deeper faith, to put faith first in our lives. The next day we had to visit her doctor, but for the first time bought not one thing. This was amazing. She always got a drink at least. But this time the situation was divinely arranged so that there was no time for anything extra. Our shift in spirit was answered with this working. Then that evening we began prayers together in the room. We set the time with plans to continue everyday at the same time. While we prayed a gift of strawberries was delivered to our room. Again our faith practice was answered with a clear divine work. I interpreted the gift as representing husband and wife joining together for prayer, we get set, and then off we go into greater faith and huge divine works. Things were beginning. Our shift in spirit was met with a divine answer. We were training the spirit, practicing faith, and then we next need to apply this in our daily activities. "........ It has been seven years since we've received the blessing of abolishing all physical austerities at Airaku. Since then, the church has doubled by focusing on training the spirit: trying to keep Kami in mind all through the day, offering prayers on a regular daily schedule, and trying to follow Kami's will in our everyday work. .........." [from the 7/30/81 Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo]
Friday, April 16, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Many people come to the Hiromae to worship, but only a few follow what they are told. After returning home most people just do what they want, and receive no divine blessings. On the way home, they lose Kami's teachings by distorting them to suit themselves. They then blame Kami. Even one word of Kami's teachings is priceless. Receive Kami's words in gratitude, then your gift will be divine virtue so great that it cannot be loaded onto even a boat or cart. Renewing your heart is important. Believing wholeheartedly in Kami means there is no wavering. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #34] The reality of Kami and man is colliding together. When it reaches the point that sparks fly, it is the first time you are actually able to come in contact with the real Kami. Isn't there a 'naniwa-bushi' verse? The woman tells her customer that she's in love. The customer never returns, but says he'll come again. Lies upon lies in the red-light district. Without any shame, even your social status You've confided well in me. It is from there that you win her real heart, isn't it? In our case, there is certainly no such thing as lies and bargains with Kami, is there? Truly being single-hearted with Kami means not to waver. 7/16/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] This verse is the human story of a man's love for a woman. He first met her pretending to be rich. It was love at first sight. He collected his savings and announced his love stating his true status as a factory worker. She fell in love with his sincerity. Through the writings of Konko Daijin we get the image of a sincere and conscientious founder. He writes straightforward about himself and his family, difficulties and weaknesses included. Through the events of his ordinary everyday life he raised a spiritual faith which any person can follow. What he writes is the truth. Yes, the truth he wrote, without shame. His true humanness comes through. We realize everything he says is true. The true human being meets the true divinity. When asking a red bird why it is red, it answers because it ate red meat. It's so natural; it's nature itself; it's the way of the universe. Then why is Konko Daijin a kami? Because he ate Kami-food. It is the process (divine work) he ate. Our pastor shows us how the human being can change themselves. He admits he was more like a cat or a dog. But reaching for greater truth that is found in the process of life, he has developed and changed bit by bit. Upon changing he has brought the founder closer and closer to us. There is no falsehood in what the founder teaches. The way to truer faith is taught. How to join together with the process of the universe is examplified.
Thursday, April 15, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Should The Principal Parent of the universe enter a shrine, the world would turn dark. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #10] Ceaselessly light is provided, Kami continuously offers us relief and joy. The way of light is indicated to those who believe. From there is the bright world of blessings. For those doubting and can't believe, there is but the handmade way. When you try and turn to Kami, you will definitely feel a reply. 7/1/83 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Our relation with diety, how is it developing? The founder became one with the Principle Parent Diety. It was just the same as being relatives with diety. Diety is seen as the process of life. Are we leading, or is the process leading us? By putting faith in the process (diety), the process leads us to light. The light comes out from us, comes from within us. We can't close divinity inside us (like a shrine), the light we receive should shine out and brighten the world around us. Today's teaching comes from one of the three major revelations of the Konko Religion: The divine call (1859); build a shrine for The Principle Parent (1864); and people being unaware of divine blessings (1873). The teaching today is part of the request to build the shrine. There is no shrine nor place where Tenchi Kane No Kami can be worshipped. Build a shrine, square in area. I will look after the safety of the people. [get government approval; who to ask for which job;] [prepare the wood; if not approved, this wood may] [be given to someone needing it; prepare the wood] If the government does approve, you can build the shrine and it shall be yours. Should Tenchi Kane No Kami enter this shrine, the world shall turn dark. This shrine is where people can give requests and thanks. Through your mediation, Kami, as well as people, will be fulfilled. Kami is Kami due to man, and man is man due to Kami. Parents pray for their children, and children pray for their parents. Like Heaven and Earth, practice mutual reliance, one relying on the other. The founder never completed this shrine, but an even greater request of divinity was fulfilled. The depth of Konko Daijin's faith grew and has passed on now for over a hundred-and-thirty years. We can study and learn how the founder developed his faith step by step.
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Kami is the same everywhere. There is nothing different about coming to worship at the Hiromae of Konko Daijin. When people say that they have received divine blessings at one place but not at another, it means that the strength of the mediators of the hiromae is different. When you are a mediator between Kami and man, you should discipline yourself. You should not get up late in the morning. The time you rise will determine the time people come for prayers. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #92] Those who administer for Kami should vow: - to never sleep late in the morning. - to behave prudently in all matters. At first it's so tough you're moved to tears. But while enduring it selfishness is depleted and personal desire reduced. The pleasure of endurance will seep into you. If you're envious of the blessings others receive, you will never be able to receive divine grace. 1977 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The two vows are for removing some more of your selfish desires. By following the teachings and these two vows, then the strength of your mediation with Kami is raised. As your selfishness and personal desires are taken away your peaceful, joyful heart is developed. Plan to build and develop your spiritual strength a year later than others. Slowly work on enlarging your spirit and reducing your selfish desires. The slow traut has greater long-lasting effect. The blessings gained swiftly don't last. The slow and careful development reaches deeper for lasting strength from generation to generation.
NOTE::: April 4 CHANGE: "not be useless" TO: " be useless" (at the end of the first paragragh) Tuesday, April 13, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Since humans are the master of all living things in the universe, they must have faith corresponding to the laws of the universe. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #70] Unless the diamond is polished it will not shine like a jewel. To exhibit the qualities of a master of living things, instead of just being called a master, one must perceive the laws of the universe, comply with them and continue to apply them in everyday life. Through direct communication with the Parental Kami of the universe, the founder, Konko Daijin, gave teachings far and wide that anyone could understand. 7/22/77 [Mini-teachings of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The very naturalness of living a faith that is true is what is being taught -- a naturalness that matches and follows the way of the universe. The natural process of life is what we should base our faith-lives on. This teaching came from: Since there hasn't been anyone who taught about prenatal development, people get confused. You people who come to this worship hall, how is man and all else created? A person dwells in the mother's womb first. Before that, when the mother conceives, Ten No Kami-Sama bestows a mitama soul. A doctor cannot open the womb and show the child's soul. Being given an invisible soul by an unseen Kami-Sama is a wondrous thing. The child's body develops through the mother who eats and drinks her favorite foods. This increases blood production to produce another body. After about ten months, when there is a childbirth, it will be known if it's a boy or a girl. During pregnancy, the child develops through the grace of Tenchi Kane No Kami. Those who practice faith must understand the natural laws of all things and eliminate doubt. Since we have been created by Tenchi Kane No Kami, isn't asking Kami to cure our illnesses a natural way to practice faith? This faith is based on the nature of all things. For example, a house which has been built by a carpenter will be repaired by a carpenter when necessary. Clothing is sewn by women, and washed and sewn by women when it becomes worn. This is common knowledge. Since man is the lord of all living things, he must understand all things and practice faith which follows their natural laws. When you go to a doctor, the doctor's medicine and practicing faith are important. Pray single-heartedly to Tenchi Kane No Kami and Konko Daijin-Sama to recover completely with only five of the ten prescribed doses of medicine. If you are blessed with recovery, Kami-Sama and the doctor will be happy. The doctor is a child of Kami-Sama, so if you pay him the fee for eight doses, he will say that those who practice faith are really different. [Teaching Of Konko Daijin I, Yamamoto Sadajiro 21] And another teaching related to it is: At the time Konko Daijin was practicing faith, our religion was obliged to accept the rituals of the Shirakawa sect, one of the major Shinto schools. Konko Daijin used Shintoistic words on some days and Buddhist words on other days. He used Buddhist words like 'goennichi' (special day for Kami), and offered incense in a Buddhist manner. Because of this, one day when there were no other worshippers in the worship hall, I asked, "Konko-Sama, is your faith an orthodox or syncretistic Shinto sect?" "Let me see," he replied. He turned to the altar to inform Kami of my visit and ask Kami my question. He soon revealed, "Year of the Dragon from Goryo Village (Sato Norio), Konko Daijin knows neither orthodox nor syncretistic sects of Shintoism. Kami only lets him tell people the principles of Heaven and Earth." I was deeply moved. After his prayer, Konko Daijin said to me, "I don't know anything. Kami teaches me in this manner." When I received this revelation, I trembled in reverential awe. But Konko Daijin was very calm while he relayed the revelation, like a sea without a single ripple. Kami's will in this revelation, concerning the laws of Heaven and Earth, can also be seen in the 70th teaching: "Since humans are the master of all living things, they must understand all things and practice faith which is consistent with the principles of the universe." Before receiving this teaching, I did not have enough virtue and had doubts about the essence of this faith. I had wondered what I should focus on when practicing faith. With these words, however, my mind became clear. My gratitude and happiness were indescribable. For me, as a young man, there was nothing more wonderful than having been freed of doubt. This made me feel that this faith was unprecedented and unparalleled, and that it was a sacred faith taught by Kami. From that time on, I never strayed and my faith deepened so I could move one step closer to Kami. [Teachings /KD III, Special Stories, Chap 5, 2-7] The process allows us to follow in the example of the founder. It gives us a direct link to the laws of the universe, the works of diety. All things means the process of life. It's natural, nature itself. What the Parental Diety asks and requests of us is: Grow and develop. Become more and more in tune to the process of life. There will come a time when those who are not following the process are going to be laughed at. Such a time will come. Those of us being laughed at now, will not be laughed at later. Let's raise our mastery in beliefs which follow the principles of the universe.
Monday, April 12, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo You may think that the bond between yourself and Kami has been broken. However, Kami will never break the bond with you. Be sure that you do not break the bond. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #17] 1) One person came to worship this morning and said, Since I'm moving seven miles farther away, I won't be able to come for daily worship anymore." I replied, "Without working on your faith yourself, you won't be able to come to worship even if you are nearby." 2) Speaking to a believer I made the comment, "You can come to the Summer Prayer Service at the parent church today, can't you?" The reply was a hesitant, "Well, today ...." So I said, "Since you intended to visit the headquarters church, then somehow just for this day you should fit it in." (The next day was the planned visit to the headquarters church, but this person for some reason couldn't go.) Just quitting faith does not break the bond. These two examples are the same thing. 8/3/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The Minister of the day read this one: Even without going so far as breaking off, There must be many who are just about to break off. Complaints and dissatisfaction cut off blessings. 7/8/81 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The bond between Kami and us isn't broken by not practicing faith. It's not that the bond is broken, but that we don't feel our connection with divinity. Divine works are continuous. We become self-centered. We seek selfish satisfactions, and lose contact with the rhythms of the universe, divine work. To center our faith-lives on Kami, we need to take the process sacredly, respectfully. Yesterday Mrs. Takayama held the annual service at her home. This is the 43rd year of celebrating their family's joy in the faith. The expression of gratitude as she offers the sacred branch symbolizing the bond with the divine during the ceremony is deeply felt by all. But to stop there is but the human element of joy. We should continue on till our diety shows signs of divine joy. We wish to develop true faith which provides mutual satisfaction for divinity as well as humanity. The founder told Rev. Kondo that he was but a manure carrier, not a demigod, or ikigami. He recommended to pray and convey requests to the principal parental diety. But then as he prayed in front of the altar, the words of Kami were revealed, "Although Konko Daijin says he is a manure carrier and that you should pray to Kami, pray to Konko Daijin. Listening to and following his words are the same as listening to and following Kami's words. Kane No Kami has been thought of as a fearful kami for thousands of years. But Konko Daijin has discerned the true kami of the world. Thanks to Konko Daijin, people can receive the blessings of Tenchi Kane No Kami." When the founder returned to his desk, he added. "Though you heard what Kami has just said, I am only Kami's caretaker. Therefore, even if you pray to me, you won't receive divine blessings. Pray wholeheartedly to Tenchi Kane No Kami for everything." This is the mutual relationship the founder had with our parental diety. We wish to reach the point where Kami expresses thanks for our type of faith. Take a good look at yourself. Are we not acting according to our own convenience? Through selfish convenience we separate ourselves from the pleasure of divine enjoyment; we don't reach the joy of the process of life, the joy of living amidst divine work.
Sunday, April 11, 1999 Wagakokoro Day Service 10am Rev. Katshiko Otsubo, Pastor Women are like the fields of the world. Fields must be well maintained in order to produce precious crops. What the chief retainer is to his lord's castle is what the wife is to her family's home. If the chief retainer is not good, the castle has difficulties; and if the wife is not good, the home will have difficulties. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #86] Since they're the fields of the world and at the time the fields of the home, they must be fertile and productive. One needs to diligently aim to become enriched and beautiful. In order to have good soil, pray to accept any problem no matter how unwanted. The heart will become fertile, and the problem will no longer be a problem. The enriched heart has enriching blessings. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 1977 The faith of Konko Daijin blends into the way of the universe. The nature of this faith is omnipresent and eternal. Why must we seek such broad and huge blessings. Coming to a realization of this need is the major point. Look at the opposite of omnipresence, and eternity. Then, you'd be talking of immediate blessings and only special people or special circumstances. However, when we face the tough problems that stop us dead, we can begin to see the need for faith which is omnipresent and seeks eternal salvation. Special people like Saito Juemon and Sato Norio are great examples of faith which we are unable to follow. However, Konko Daijin's faith is an example which anyone can copy. His divine name was changed one after the other, and even becoming a living-god, he was still raw and developing. Becoming Ikigami Konko Daijin in 1868 was a demi-god-like phase. He was asked to build a shrine, but the carpenter caused problems which prevented its completion; his children one after the other provided problem after problem which he used to further develop his faith. He came to the point in 1873 that blessings are to be found in one's spirit of peaceful joy. With more time the pastor would like to explain how each and everyone can become an ikigami like the founder, Konko Daijin. If you substitute "people" in place of "women" in today's teaching, you can get closer to feeling the need for developing the heart which is huge, broad, and peacefully mild and all-accepting. People are like the fields of the world. Fields must be well maintained in order to produce precious crops. What the chief retainer is to his lord's castle is what the person is to their home. If the chief retainer is not good, the castle has difficulties; and if this person is not good, the home will have difficulties. People open the world through the human heart-spirit they have. The spirit of the founder can be developed by anyone, anywhere, and in any era or time. With the spirit of Konko Daijin you can open a truly peaceful and joyful world. It takes training and practice. You will need to study for it.
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