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Saturday, April 10, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo There is a folk song which says: Congratulations! Congratulations! Oh, young pine tree! You are the symbol of happiness. You will grow spreading your branches with lush pine needles. Konko Daijin teaches the way for the prosperity of your family and your descendants. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #100] The salvation of your children in itself is the salvation of the parents. Kami's salvation as seen in The Divine Call is what is actually the true salvation of mankind. The faith which is being taught in "Konko Daijin teaches the way for the prosperity of your family and your descendants," that a prospering family that thrives generations into the future, in itself, is how to reach the way to the country's prosperity and the prosperity of all the people of the world. Saying that every teaching of Konko Daijin is here is not overstating the matter. Such a way has been opened! Congratulations! Congratulations! 7/21/72 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The way is being taught, but looking around our master couldn't see such prosperity being continued generation after generation. Though such universal truths are being taught, the true blessings are not being realized. August 13, 1876 the founder records this revelation from Kami. "Konko Daijin, endure even if other people urinate on you. I shall clean you up. Be patient no matter what people say. The Way of the Universe is collapsing. Broaden the Way. Teach the Way which can help people in trouble. You may tell others that I, Nittenshi-Gattenshi-Konjin, do not care how people treat me." Our master even when he examplified the best traits of a believer, or eventhe those of a religious leader, he still couldn't receive Kami's blessings. Many people of the world are successful, but such prosperity doesn't satisfy Kami. Finally he came to see that divine work is the very process of life. The process is the most important. When you reach the point where you join together with the process is when Kami is satisfied and humans prosper in true joy and peace of mind. The Way is opened. See the way of the process clearly. It brings the world true salvation and prosperity which will continue forever.
Friday, April 9, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo There is no one in this world who does not belong. [How To Develop Faith #34] Really it's important to carefully consider whether the human being was created scientifically or done medically, or whether it was Kami's creation. Of course, even scien- tists or doctors don't feel that it was done scientifically or medically. But you can't make any objections about Kami having done it. By this resoning, we are able to say that our parent is Kami alone. There's no such thing as anyone not belonging. 7/27/74 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Realizing our ultimate parent is but Kami alone, there's really not a soul who would be left off. Every single person belongs. This teaching comes from, "I worked as a ferryman from 1880 to 1882. This enabled me to go to the Hiromae three or four times a year, together with many believers. I would receive teachings each time. Konko- Sama often imparted, 'Though you come to worship often, I have nothing to give you. My teachings are divine blessings, so after returning, convey them to others. Have people receive divine blessings. In this world, there is no one that doesn't belong.'" [Teachings Of Konko Dainjin II, Horimoto Rikichi 1] Telling others of these teachings of blessings brings glorfy to Kami. To really pray for the welfare of all humankind, true world peace and ultimate joy, we need to get beyond the simple human bond of emotions and sympathy, and approach the universal bond of all being parented by the one parental diety. Everyone certainly belongs. Each one deserves true blessings. Within the next year and a half we need to raise the blessings of the true ideal of faith for the 21st century and the future of the huam race.
Thursday, April 8, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Carrying a heavy load on your shoulders or back may be burden-some, but practicing faith is not. It is easy. Practice faith while you do your daily work. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #40] Every morning the phone calls of gratitude and requests continue for a while without pause. That everyone is receiving blessings is proof that there's no rudeness or discourtesy about using the phone. Since I am at ease, the believers are at ease, too. However, for the practice of faith that will not do. When receiving teachings is enjoyable and you understand how thankful training is by growing to like faith, then faith is easy. 7/23/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The ease that's being taught has two meanings: receiving blessings, and strength. The relief and comfort felt is a blessing; to be at ease is a strength. The two years left before getting into the 21st century -- actually, it's but a year and half now -- are for us to renew our spirits and really change. Two examples of such a short period before major changes were effected were given. 1) the year & 7 months before starting the Meiji Restoration, 2) the founders 2 years (1857 -59) before the Divine Call to quit his occupation and devote himself to saving people and assisting Kami. This short 2 years or less is a most important time, because without changing your content, you can't possibly make changes come about in the world. We really need to seek for a grand renewal. Then a relationship of mutual ease can develop. The 3rd Konko mediator taught, "when we depend on Kami, then Kami depends on us." The depth of Kami can be seen by realizing, "we sometimes reject Kami, but Kami never rejects us." Faith is not something burdensome, but as easy as training oneself while doing your everyday work. We wish for the strength of real ease, while at the same time receiving the blessings of relief from our problems.
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Carrying a heavy load on your shoulders or back may be burden-some, but practicing faith is not. It is easy. Practice faith while you do your daily work. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #40] Tokugawa Ieyasu (the generalissimo who united the country and started the Edo or Tokugawa period of 250 years) thought of life in this world as a heavy burden to carry over hills and up mountains. Most of the people of the world think of it in exactly the same way. However burdensome it is, Konko Daijin teaches the way to receive the strength to be able to carry it with pleasure and gratitude. Moreover, it is a way that humans can learn as they work at their jobs, living their lives as human beings. With the spirit to try, anyone can receive it. 7/31/81 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Presently we are studying the founder. Last year we covered the particulars of the ideal of Airaku; this year, the Memoirs and Record of Revelations of Konko Daijin. It may seem to be a very hard and heavy task. But it can be taken up with pleasure. Learning is enjoyable. You learn more about how to be happy. It's the curriculum for really being at ease. The points under study are not just for the here and now, they will last for eternity. We're learning how to take up the dream of the founder. The joy and ease obtained enriches and beautifies the spirit for a truly peaceful and joyful heart. Konko Daijin's teachings are full of life. Put into practice, they awaken the human spirit to a world of true happiness. It's the heart of mutual joy and ease for humanity and divinity, too.
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo A metal cane will bend and a bamboo or wooden cane will break. Use Kami as your cane, and then you will be at ease. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #57] Don't rely on money; don't rely others; don't rely on your own self. There is not one thing that you can depend on. The only thing to rely on, you will realize, is just Kami. After that realization, single-hearted faith comes about on its own and you can live in the world of trust. Since it teaches "use Kami as your cane, and then you will be at ease," if you are not at ease, this is evidence that you are relying on something other than Kami. Money and possessions and people are all things which come to you from outside of you. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/8/71 Society is now a world of darkness. There's no better time than now to seek true light. Though the founder has taught to "use Kami as your cane and then you will be at ease," there are few for whom Kami can be a cane. Various kamis and gods flooding the scene will become neither a cane nor a light. Unless religion, as written in Japanese, is religion which teaches that which the cosmos (the Parental Kami of the universe) indicates, there truly can be neither light nor a cane. 7/9/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Being at ease is to be truly happy. Through a dream we learn that the man of skill, power and might is not at ease. He is crying for letting the bird of freedom loose by mistake, through his selfish interests. His physical might, human know-how, and mental talent only make the perception of the real power of his spirit that much more difficult to see. We can only really depend on the process of life. It requires an unconditional surrender of personal desires, selfish wishes. The process shows the strengths and weaknesses of our development, when to act and when to wait. But the process is our connection to the work of the universe; it's the work of divinity. Our late master interpreted the teachings of Konko Daijin seeking deeper meaning day after day for more than thirty years. Today our pastor is beginning to reach deeper into the heart of Konko Daijin by interpreting his writings, notes, and experiences in faith.
Monday, April 5, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo Faith begins with a fortunate encounter and a twist of fate. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #49] In the Noh play, even Ohan and Choemon have a fortunate encounter and a twist of fate. As for our faith, all of us should have something like Ohan and Choemon. If the only thing we encounter is comfort and obligatory courtesies, and all our prayers are answered; if Konko faith is only for this present world and Buddhism for the next world, then all that there ever can be is but unlaughable nonsense. It is said, "fate is a curious and clever thing." The encounter of faith must be developed so as to be wonderfully smart when and wherever, and never be held back as just something curious. I pray that Konko faith will permeate both this world and the next. 7/31/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] How is our connection with diety? What type of connection do we have? Even if cut, it won't sever or separate us? Or is it more like lemon tea, just a bit of fragrance? It should be all lemon through and through. We talk about the weather cooperating so very closely with our daily movements. However, it's usually just a temporary encounter. When our connection continues on and on always, is what we aim for. It's the relationshipthat the founder had with diety. For his farm work the founder received blessings. He was told when to work even in light rain and when to go back before heavy rain. In 1858 he records, "Kami-Sama told me, 'Everyone says that since they don't have relatives in heaven, they can't tell if it will rain or shine. I will give you a relative in heaven.' I was thankful for this good fortune." [Memoirs of Konko Daijin 5-13] It was 1867 when the founder received the teaching #51. "On the morning of November 24, Kami-Sama imparted, 'Humans living under Nittenshi are Kami's children. If your body harbors pain or illness, working will be difficult. Pray for physical safety, diligence in your work, and abundant grain harvests, and pray even for your horses and cows. Pray with sincerity for everything. The power of Gattenshi is directed .... Praying to Kami with a sincere heart will dispel difficulties and bring relief. Through the virtue of Konko Daigongen's toritsugi-mediation, Nittenshi Gattenshi Kimon Kane No Kami can be realized. ...." [Memoirs of Konko Daijin 15-8] Notice the naming of Kami is long and cumbersome. The founder was trying hard to represent his diety properly. Here's another way he wrote the name for Kami. The year is 1870. "On October 26, Kami-Sama spoke, 'You, Ikigami Konko Daijin, have been performing toritsugi-mediation for Nittenshi Gattenshi Ushitora Hitsujisaru Kimon Kane No Kami for thirteen years. Through much patience, you have accumulated divine virtue, and have become one with the Tenchi Universe.'" [Memoirs of Konko Daijin 18-3] We see the founder's close connection to Kami even more clearly when he records his first experience of receiving divine blessings at age 42. Remember he never started writing his memoirs until instructed to by Kami in 1874. So he is writing the experience from memory. Also he records his most up-to-date name for Kami. "The Kami beckoned, 'You are correct. Come here -- crawl if you must.' 'The person who spoke was indiscreet, but you have scrupulous sincerity. ....' [the CIRCLE is drawn] (a symbol expressing Konko Daijin's great awe and gratitude.) As I write up to this point, I am filled with deep emotion. Then Kami-Sama encouraged, 'Konko Daijin, these deep emotions are not only your own. If I, Tenchi Kane No Kami, were a poet, I would express these emotions through poetry. However, ...'" [Memoirs of Konko Daijin 3-5-5 thru 6-2] The relationship the founder build with Kami-Sama is such a connection which has never before been heard of. His way of practicing faith can be followed by anyone, any era of history, anyplace under the sun. He was born an ordinary farmer and became one with the divinity of the universe. We, too, can follow in his path. We, too, can become one with Kami. It all depends on how you take each encounter. That is why fate can be changed.
Sunday, April 4, 1999 Wagakokoro Day Service 10am Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, pastor You do not need anyone else to practice faith. You should practice faith on your own. If you need someone else to practice faith, you will also need someone to die with you. However, no one is willing to die with you. To practice faith is to live day to day. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #26] Just before the prayers began there were these mediations from two people. One dreamed of being killed; the other dreamed that she died. I responded, "Without another recooking, you can't really reform." (To die means that the traits of fate die along with you.) "To practice faith is to live day to day" means to die day after day. In other words, to kill your selfish intent. After that, a faith is born in which "each day is new." Your faith becomes original, without needing anyone else and not permitting anyone to imitate it. 7/9/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Yesterday we recieved teaching #67, things are constantly changing, so each one must practice their faith or nothing will continue for long. Practicing faith on one's own is what is being requested of us. It's a faith of proven salvation. Until we of the Konko religion reach the faith of a truly peaceful and joyful heart (a Wagakokoro), our faith will be useless. What is it to take belief in Konjin and to perceive that it's actually belief in the parental diety of the universe? This is what the founder did. It's something similar to changing from an earth-centered world to a sun-centered solar system. In a dream Mr. Higashi received, the tough difficulties and frightening happenings are to be perceived as divine love. We need to have the key to always be able to open into divine love. Child crime was featured on TV. But teaching them kindness, love, and being considerate will not do. Such qualities are limited with limited scope. What's needed is to develop the heart of the universe, developing the qualities like that of the nature of the universe. The heavenly generosity that is always giving; the earthly acceptance that takes all for nourishment; and an orderly, natural manner. This is how the universe works. Our heart should come to become in tune with such rhythms of the universe. The founder records in 1882: Early in the morning on October 14, Kami imparted, "Those who have faith should not worry about the unexpected. There will be unexpected illnesses not only in summer, but also in winter. No one is aware of the blessings of Heaven and Earth which enable people to live. Kami shall have people become aware of the blessings of Heaven and Earth by having Konko Daijin born throughout the world wherever the sun shines, in every country, without exception." [Record of Revelations 26-22] All the changes, even the unexpected, should not cause worry. All should be taken as manifestations of divine love. The founder, Konko Daijin, is one who took everything as divine love. Each one of us needs to take up the key for this divine love. However, almost everybody has reached the stage of the divine call, where problems are understood as blessings. But this is all. The founder in 1859 when he received his divine call was still only Konshi Daimyojin. He then developed and received three further stages in his faith: Konko Daimyojin, Konko Daigongen, Ikigami Konko Daijin. We need to reach Konko Daijin's world of true faith, the peaceful and joyful heart, the Wagakokoro world.
Saturday, April 3, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo Nothing ever stays the same. Unless each person practices faith, it will not last very long. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #67] The blind person, the deaf, various people in different circumstances, each realizing their situation, must rise to it through faith. Since the blind cannot see, they counteract by developing a strong sense of perception to the point that the person with sight appears ill-suited; the deaf develop precision better than anyone in interpreting the spirit/hearts of others. It's really necessary to demonstrate fully the bodily strengths each of us has. We must actually work at studying and mastering how to be delighted, how to be grateful. 7/19/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] You have probably noticed this teaching today is one that is often received. The world changes. Kami in many ways revealed and encouraged the founjder to look to the future, that things will change in 10 years, for example. Our master taught we should have a faith which doesn't get washed away and won't burn out. True faith continues to change, full of life. When did the founder and our master start to really practice to develop such faith? For the founder, it's after he was saved at age 42. He writes: "However, I still suffered from a weakened body until the end of 1856, when I was forty-three. But I felt thankful for being saved, and I wanted to be able to work normally with a healthy body. I decided to express thanks and pray to the kami-samas all day from morning for three days each month: the first, fifteenth, and twenty-eighth." Our master began after losing everything at the end of WWII, and returned to Japan in 1946. An excerpt from the mini-teaching accompanying The Divine Call of Konko Daijin: "What we must not overlook is the faith the founder had up until receiving the call from Kami, that is, the finest unparalleled intimate relationship with The Principal Parent of the Universe. Each of us is different, blind, or deaf, or displaying character variations. The point is to set ourselves going, not to relax our efforts in the aim for true faith. As is taught above, "It's really necessary to demonstrate fully the bodily strengths each of us has. We must actually work at studying and mastering how to be delighted, how to be grateful." It's not just understanding. We must get the heart into action, manifesting the blessings of true faith in Kami.
Friday, April 2, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo Konko Daijin speaks about the unlimited divine blessings from Kami. If you receive blessings by practicing faith and then sincerely give teachings to others with the same heart as Kami's, you too can walk the true way of faith. Passing on Konko Daijin's words without changing their meaning and helping others to practice true faith will please Kami. This will make you a Kami. You should not consider yourself above Kami, even if you become one. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #61] You can receive unlimited divine blessings; your heart will be saved to the point that even physical blessings will come your way. As if the fragrant scent of the ume blossom floating in the air would cause the flower to bloom, people will be lead to blessings which come even without requesting them, as naturally as the divine favor of a warbler coming to perch on the ume tree. For Kami's Will to be fulfilled, the first thing is that man be saved. This is what will please Kami the most. With this type of faith you will be able to receive divine virtue. And it will lead you to become a kami. 7/13/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Having meet the Konko religion, and taking up the faith, we should blossom in true blessings. However, so many people can't get to the point where their faith blossoms in blessings. Over the phone a Konko believer in Tokyo told the pastor of not receiving an intrepretation of a dream she had. Her minister just put it off as a dream, with little or no meaning. The founder appeared in this dream with a sweet cake (manju). He said in his time everyone came to worship with manju in mind and that she was the same as that. The manju? It is representing the seeking of immediate blessings. In Sept 1871 the founder was instructed to just give people teachings when they came to inquire about their fate or fortune, about proper construction procedures, moving the family home, or marriage arrangements. In Dec the same year: "Since Konko Daijin's way of mediating has been established, if people listen and accept Kami's teachings, they can find relief. ... People keep consulting the Days and Directions without praying to Kami. They should pray to Kami and get divine permission. Kami will maintain their prosperity." Then in 1873 through revelations the founder is lead to establish a new style in his religious development. - The direction for faith is established - The way of sitting for mediation is established - Kami's name is established - Kami's nature is specified In the year 1873: February 18 The founder is ordered by the government to store away the altar fixtures and not sit in mediation. February 19 He takes down the 'torii' at the front gate and clears away the altar fixtures. The worship hall looks dreary. March 13 Konko Daijin is to be reborn. He's permitted to bathe inside the bath. It's a new birthday for him. March 15 He writes the words of what will be the Divine Reminder. a little different in style from what we know. March 21 He is allowed to replace the fixtures and renew his mediation. April 11 The Divine Reminder, as we know it, is received and copies are kept on hand. April 20 The mediation desk is changed to face sideways -- to his left, the believer; and on his right, the altar. October 10 The revelation is received with the new name for Kami; and also includes the nature of Kami. It became the following teaching: Although people live between heaven and earth, they are unaware of Kami's blessings. Shrines, temples, and houses all stand on Kami's land. Without realizing this, people consult the Days & Directions and are disrespectful to Kami. They suffer hardships due to these offenses. Tenchi Kane No Kami has sent Ikigami Konko Daijin to provide blessings and teachings so that mankind may prosper. Kami is Kami because of man, and man is man because of Kami. Both are fulfilled through this mutual relationship. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #3] A totally new style of Konko faith all starting in 1873. Don't stop just at the ideal taught by our master. Continue on until you pass on the faith of Konko Daijin without missing anything. Be sure you don't stop before these new changes of 1873. Include the new style of Konko Daijin in the faith you pass on.
Thursday, April 1, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo Nothing ever stays the same. Unless each person practices faith, it will not last very long. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #67] [The mini-teaching for today is on the page facing the above teaching.] There's not a soul who has lived as simple a life as the founder. Moreover, the very way of living based on the way of the universe, "giving in to those who go against you and leaving it to time," must be the spirit of the soil. It's said people come from the soil and will return to soil. Thus in the interim to practice the spirit of the soil as our way of life must be the true meaning for those practicing the faith. 7/26/82 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] As we study and learn more about the faith of the founder, we discover there is a great difference in this faith. The founder went through a process of change and development. In 1858 he begins as a follower of Kami; then becomes Kami's first disciple; and still in the same year receives the name, Bunji Daimyojin. In 1859 his name is changed to Konshi Daimyojin; and in 1862 again changed to Konko Daimyojin. In 1864 his name becomes Konko Daigongen. And in 1868 his divine name is changed to Ikigami Konko Daijin. Each stage he underwent further training in his faith. The point we need to consider is what was the faith he developed from one change to the next. Just looking at what is written in his notes and memoirs doesn't give enough information. But by using the faith stages we have studied in our the master's faith-life, we begin to see similar patterns and come to see the founder's faith more and more clearly. I don't know of any other religion or religious founder who has continually changed like Konko Daijin. His faith was always being evolved; it never stood still. Like today's teaching, Konko Daijin's faith never stayed the same. He was always taking the events of each day and incorporating them to build a larger, stronger faith. Our master talked often of being too small as he meet problem after problem. He taught we should seek to enlarge our spirit. He felt he himself was but a small, tiny fish in a pond. He desired to become a huge whale of the ocean. Taking the daily workings of your life as divine love, our master developed the core of his faith, continually changing and evolving. Are you standing still, stopped at one stage or level of faith?? Year after year do you percieve changes in your faith-life?? How very many people stop still! Don't you realize the teaching is the universal truth that nothing stays still?? The whole universe is constantly in motion, always changing to one truth, and then to the next truth. We also must change or will be left behind. With the spirit of the soil we can be enriched and grow naturally through the very events of our everyday lives. The soil accepts and accepts without one complaint. And through the enrichment accepted, grows all the fruits and blossoms of real joy and true peace of mind.
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Name: Rev. Richard Lee Dusek