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Wednesday, March 31, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo I k i g a m i K o n k o D a i j i n T E N C H I K A N E N O K A M I Pray with a single heart. Blessings come through one's peaceful, joyful heart. Now pray on this very day. Even if it's sincere or singlehearted, if it doesn't communicate with Kami, it cannot be called single-hearted sincerity. Wagakokoro is the spirit-heart which inter- connects with Kami. Blessings are not received; they are what are brought into being. It's the joyous intercourse between the believer and Kami. This joyous intercourse is the spirit which even climbs to heaven. 7/2/78 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo] In this universe, on this earth, from this very process of now ... Just how very much has this Principal Parental diety actually provided for us??! The switch is inside of us. The blessings for life are not received, but instead are what we give birth to. Blessings are in the peaceful and joyful heart. The founder alone switched on his heart of peaceful joy. Then each day became full of amazing grace. He concludes The Divine Reminder with this very day; thus, this very day is to be celebrated. The Divine Reminder turns on the world, switches our world on for action. Where do you place you efforts? What is the meaning of your life? Real joyful peace is built using the process of life. The peaceful joyful heart is built within these processes.
Tuesday, March 30, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Through Konko Daijin, Tenchi Kane No Kami's blessings can now be received. Through Konko Daijin, Kami has been revealed to the world. Konko Daijin works for the benefit of Kami and people. Follow the words of Konko Daijin carefully and practice faith. In an emergency, you need not say, "Tenchi Kane No Kami!" Just say, "Konko Daijin, please help me" and you will receive divine blessings. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #4] Through Konko Daijin's faith what we understand about The Principle Parent is that we can live in the world of Konko Daijin. I wish to aim for the special world of Konko Daijin where which ever way you turn the true way is thankfully explained so clearly, where we are faithfully provided answers that are proven thru experiments in the daily joys and surprises of faith. Through Konko Daijin both Kami and people are fulfilled and the world has been opened. This is why Konko Daijin is said to benefit both Kami and people. Whatsoever, I wish to live in the world of Konko Daijin. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/26/80 I feel that the founder really must have wanted to speak of the 'process'.To follow the guiding lines of the process of this universe (life) leads to a trueborn ideal for human beings' faith-life. I want to aim for the difference in living in the world of Konko Daijin.
Monday, March 29, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo After Konko Daijin's physical form is gone, Konko Daijin will go wherever asked. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #19] It's giving an indication of a function which works irrespective of time and space, and is free of all obstacles. However we must come even one step closer to Konko Daijin. It makes it easier for Konko Daijin and is also a shortcut to blessings for us. To do it, you must search out the very limits of yourself and from there take off and proceed wholeheartedly. Here is the sales pitch of a toad cream salesman: "Surrounded on four sides by mirrors the bullfrog, suffering from his own filthiness and wretchedness, begins to drip and drip with greasy oil. Refining this oil we produce a special remedy for cuts." When we look at ourselves in the mirror of the teachings, our filthiness and wretchedness are reflected. This is quite a self-discovery. 7/1/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] It's teaching the founder will become a kami (divinity). And suggests we need to get closer to Konko Daijin. You cannot depend on Konko Daijin to do all the divine work. It makes it easier for the founder and us, too, if we closer to the heart which the founder taught. The process of life is the divine work which uses every means available to encourage the development of the Wagakokoro ( the spirit which is truly at ease and full of joy). One example, was a husband and wife arguement. The minister and his wife didn't speak for a week. The minister realized that his marriage partner for life was provided by divine arrangement for the purpose of developing his peaceful, joyful heart. Thus he concluded that these fights were part of such a grand design to bring about this mission. It was then he couldn't but begin to worship her respectfully. The founder developed his faith in the divine design of life through the unmistakeable divine work in each part of the farming process. Then there followed the illness of his daughter and also the harassment of the ascetic mountain priests (lasting ten years). In the mirror of the teachings what we come to see is our own harrassing self which clouds the image in the mirror. These selfish and wretched parts of ourselves disturbs the peaceful joyful spirit of a Wagakokoro heart. Through the process may the storms of life be calmed and the clouds cleared to reflect the light of the divine request for developing a Peaceful and joyful world in the heart of humanity. Wholeheartedly, completely calm the Wagakokoro knows no bounds. An example from the Memoirs of Konko Daijin, in Nov. 8, 1868 given the divine name,Ikigami Konko Daijin, he lists the names of his diety including the directions northwest and southeast. This is a way of giving all four directionscounterclockwise: north, west, south, and east. The whole circumference, 360 degreees around.
Sunday, March 28, 1999 Wagakokoro Day service 10am Rev. Katshiko Otsubo, Pastor Offerings are not what brings divine blessings. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #33] A mother unconditionally provides her suckling child with milk, doesn't she? Likewise we who believe in diety must receive the unconditional endeavors provided by our parental diety. When our unconditional comes together with the divine unconditional, that is where the world of "heaven and earth and man's oneness" will open. 7/24/81 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The various religions throughout the world all come to the point of requiring donations. They make donations a condition for receiving prayers, services and blessings. But the divine diety does not make donations a requirement. You should realize that no matter how great the teachings may be, any religion requiring such-and-such amount of donation is not a true religion. From records of the period the worship hall of the founder and his successor was in poor repair. The flooring mats were worn and torn. The evening teaching read by the minister of the day. Now hear the sound of the universe opening and be awakened. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #1] Even reciting, "Blessings are in the peaceful, joyful heart," of the Divine Reminder a thousand times will not bring actual blessings. We wish for what is unbreakable, not a fragmentary thing; even if you try to tear it apart, you won't break it -- the indestructable peaceful, joyful heart. When you hear the sound of the universe opening and are awakened is when you have realized that everything is divine love. There is no object of gratitude, nor object of joy that can compare with what is there. The suffering and difficulty in this place is the manifestation of divine love wanting to be understood. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/23/80
Saturday, March 27, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Faith is realized when the follower and Kami become close. Faith will fade if you stand in fear of Kami. Stay close to Kami. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #23] It's to really come to like faith. There are many who like blessings, however, Kami doesn't give blessings which are exactly what we want. When things don't go our way, we dislike faith. When you like faith and like the training and get divine virtue, you receive blessings beyond your imagination. To actually become close to Kami is to really become the person Kami likes. It's to become your most charming self. 7/5/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Difficulties are the go-between for Kami and us. That is where communication with Kami begins. When you realize that troubles are divine love, then wherever you check, the bond with Kami is not broken. When you receive Kami's work, accept it as it is and accept it completely, the blessed world of the very workings of Kami will come into being. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/6/76 When you aim to tackle the problem, you begin to hate it and stand in fear of it. However, when you try to follow the teachings with this problem, it then becomes a delightful and even grateful problem. It guides you to become close to Kami. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/14/81 My skin was so itchy I found it very hard to go to worship this morning. Listening to this teaching a new strength of faith came to life. The first two mini-teachings were read this morning; the third one was so appropriate to getting beyond the itchy problem that I had to include it.
Friday, March 26, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Being born into Kami's world, you should realize the blessings of Kami and the world. [Toward True Faith #1] By understanding the blessings of Kami you will also under- stand the blessings of the world. By practicing faith, your consciousness of the life you're leading changes into being conscious of the life you have obtained. When you reach the level of 'obtaining,' for the first time you feel your life is surely moving according to the laws of the universe. The most important divine blessing to grasp is to realize that we are given life, not that we are alive. 7/24/72 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] This life you've obtained has been given to you. It's a blessing to grasp this point. Studying the disturbance the mountain ascetic priests caused, we notice the huge acceptance of the founder. Here are a few selections. Once, while I was at the founder's worship hall, mountain ascetic priests came and destroyed the paper lanterns and other ornaments. Konko-Sama said, "When Kami tells you to give in to those opposing you and to let time take care of it, Kami is referring to times like these." [Teachings Of Konko Daijin II, Kunieda Sangoro 9] Though you well know that mountain ascetic priests came to this worship hall and took away the offerings, you mustn't take action in anger. The power of Kami-Sama can easily clear away such trouble. Those priests still come here often, but since Kami-Sama gives them the offerings, I can never get angry. The offerings may be gone today, but there will be more tomor- row. Kami-Sama always has good intentions. Those mountain ascetic priests will eventually disappear and Kami-Sama's Way of Faith will flourish year after year. You will see this happen in the future. [Teachings Of Konko Daijin II, Tsugawa Haruo 19] While Konko-Sama was still living, a mountain ascetic priest came and tried to kill him with a sword. But the priest became frightened of Konko-Sama's great virtue, and ran away. Afterwards, Konko-Sama told his family, "If someone wants to cut off my head, let him. As long as Nittenshi (the sun diety) rises, there is no need to worry." [Teachings Of Konko Daijin II, Konko Ieyoshi 1] Since I began performing mediation in 1878, the believers coming to worship have increased each day. The head priest from the Kurihara Village Shrine then came and told me to stop praying. He took away the monetary and harvest offer- ings. Mountain ascetic priests also came and took away the altar offerings, admonishing that unqualified persons should not pray to Kami. When I told Konko-Sama about this, he said, "Let them take whatever they want. Stop praying if they tell you to. Give teachings without praying while weaving or while sewing a kimono. You will save people by giving teachings. For every- thing, wait till it's time." I did as I was told, and received divine blessings. [Teachings Of Konko Daijin II, Kashiwabara Toku 10]
Thursday, March 25, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo If someone calls you a thief, you should not get angry as long as you are not a thief. If someone calls you a beggar, you are not one if you do not go and beg. Kami sees all. Wear a sash of faith. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #58] From even a popular samisen song there's, "The look of the pine needle is so appealing/ The two even wither and fall together." By being this engrossed even your faith will be the real thing. However in a later verse it's, "The look of the maple leaf is without appeal/ The changing colors of the leaves announce the fall." This will not do. Understanding a little more of faith you get closer to a climax. Something is there and you are trembling. It is because the sash of faith is not securely tied. Faith is to enter the world where Kami watches over you and listens to you. 7/9/71 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The pine needle in pairs is the world of true love; whereas, the autumn maple leaves represent the faith for blessings. Konko-Sama told me, "Once, while I was grinding the mortar, Kami told me to dance, so I danced. Then when Kami told me to sing, I sang. Also, while I dried the barley outside on a sunny day, Kami told me to bring it in because it would rain. After doing so, it began to rain heavily. In any case, practice faith without doubting Kami, and act like a fool if you must." We want our faith as in the world of true love. The two together even foolish looking. Something, even difficult, we'll do for someone we like; though the simple request of someone disliked is not taken so easily.
Wednesday, March 24, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Do not be afraid to be different from others. You cannot practice faith without being different. A person who is different is one who has a pure heart. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #73] "A person who is different is one who has a pure heart." A pure heart is intent on the truth, on being straight. There are very few who do what is true so that they have to be called different. Asking a student which is important studies or faith, he'll say studies, of course, because it's the duty of a student. However, the point is that studies must also lead to people's happiness, happiness founded on faith. People are probably called different when they first develop their faith and then take up studies. Faith and studies, studies and faith. Both become one. From there a world will open that has no antagoism between faith and studies. Such is faith. Faith is the heart which believes. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/24/71 What it means here to be different from others is to be one who eagerly works at understanding the truth of things. As even the human body senses some things and not other things, Kami will feel those people who exhibit traits of a real difference. 7/25/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Both of the above mini-teachings were read today. We want to reach over to the next truth, to the truer truth. Mr. Takahashi called the day before yesterday. He has an important conference with the Royal restaurant chain which is scheduled on the same day as the Spring Mitama celebration. He has undergone great faith training through his sushi chain business under the guidance of the late Rev. S. Otsubo. While driving he noticed the car in front of him was 66-66, and looking in his rearview mirror the car behind was numbered 99-99. Going forward for blessings, bhut if he would reverse back he'd be facing hardships again. During the Spring service yesterday Mr. Takahashi was seen right in the middle of the first row of believers offering the sacred branch, a token of a living relationship. It's unknown what or how things worked out, but that blessings have been recieved is evident. In times of trouble put Kami first, and second, and third. Here are two readings about the founder himself and one of his disciples, Sugita. In 1858, the founder has just been accepted as a disciple of Kami: Kane No Kami-Sama said, "Train your discipline during the autumn. Rise early in the morning, change into formal clothes, then come to the worship hall. After you pray, your wife is to bring break- fast to the worship hall. Have your meal, then promptly change into work clothes and go to work in the fields barefoot." As I followed these instructions, my wife objected, "People will laugh and it is unbecoming. They will say that all you do is pray and not even make straw sandals for your feet. What will you do when there is heavy frost?" I replied, "If it's unbecoming, carry a pair of straw sandals with you and follow me from behind." My wife, knowing but not understanding the blessings of Kami-Sama, was concerned about what people would think. But I didn't care about what others thought. I just followed whatever Kami-Sama said. [Memoirs of Konko Daijin 6-3-2] While I was practicing faith, everyone, including my parents, family, relatives, friends, and neighbors, was against it and denounced me. My wife always got sick and business was slow. Since there was nothing I could do, I practiced faith even harder. I went to Kondo Fujimori Sensei's worship hall several times a day. Around this time, a believer named Yoshihara Tomekichi, from Oimazato Village, Osaka, went to Konko Daijin's worship hall for me, though I hadn't asked him to. He said, "Konko-Sama, this person named Sugita goes to Kondo Fujimori's worship hall every day. On the three service days every month, he is there from morning to help with various duties. But still, he conti- nues to be distressed by his chronically ill family. Why is this?" Konko-Sama imparted, "Yoshihara-san, when you return, tell this to Sugita-san. While Sugita is still young, his accumulated offenses will be taken away by Kami-Sama. His body would not be able to bear the clearing of his offenses during his advanced years. Kami will take away as many accumulated offenses as He can while Sugita-san is still young. This is the time for him to be patient, so he mustn't rush to get well. Plum trees grow about a meter each year, but they never get tall. Whereas camphor trees grow only a few centimeters each year, but they reach towering heights. Don't be in a rush. Branches and leaves will flourish and grow into a tall tree." This is what I was told. My heart was filled with joy, and with courage I persevered through the mountain of hardships every day. [Teachings of Konko Daijin II, Sugita Masajiro] These two readings are good examples of how to put Kami first, and second, and third.
Tuesday, March 23, 1999 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Look forward to the future without saying negative things. [How To Develop Faith #46] By having true faith you will think of nothing other than good things and happy things. When just needless worries and bad thoughts come to mind your faith is mistaken. You must realize you are lacking in practice and then take up your faith from that point. There's nothing besides a truly thankful heart to get rid of bad or evil thoughts. 7/13/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Today's the Spring ceremony for Mitama spirits. Rev. Heiki Konko, the 5th Konko Mediator, appeared in a dream in a suit. He explained that faith is opened through conscientious and sincere faith. Last night greeting the Mitama I was not frightened like in the past. It was like the teaching -- I was looking forward. It's the feeling of celebrating this day, this month. Through Konko Daijin we have faith in the Parental Diety of the universe, instead of the fearsome demon like Konjin. Not only are we joyful, but Kami expresses his joy in being accepted as such a benevolent diety. An example of such acceptance -- the importance of taking this day in the spirit of celebration -- is our pastor asking little Aiichiro who it was that gave him his elementary school bag. He answered, the pastor. Then he was asked what he ate on that occasion and couldn't remember. It was a year ago. Such faith won't do, will it? We wish to celebrate each event with conscientious faith. Our sincere joy being felt deeply will be impressed in our memory. Kami will be happy, Konko Daijin will be happy, and we will, too.
Monday, March 22, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Many people come to the Hiromae to worship, but only a few follow what they are told. After returning home most people just do what they want, and receive no divine blessings. On the way home, they lose Kami's teachings by distorting them to suit themselves. They then blame Kami. Even one word of Kami's teachings is priceless. Receive Kami's words in gratitude, then your gift will be divine virtue so great that it cannot be loaded onto even a boat or cart. Renewing your heart is important. Believing wholeheartedly in Kami means there is no wavering. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #34] The reality of Kami and man is colliding together. When it reaches the point that sparks fly, it is the first time you are actually able to come in contact with the real Kami. Isn't there a 'naniwa-bushi' verse? The woman tells her customer that she's in love. The customer never returns, but says he'll come again. Lies upon lies in the red-light district. Without any shame, even your social status You've confided well in me. It is from there that you win her real heart, isn't it? In our case, there is certainly no such thing as lies and bargains with Kami, is there? Truly being single-hearted with Kami means not to waver. 7/16/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Divine truth is what the founder sought. He practiced conscientious faith. He realized he was only an uneducated farmer. Like the pardoned criminal returned to society, he was but an ordinary person, a commoner. We should realize the truth about ourselves. We have no real strength or skills to speak of. Above that, we are quite disobedient in the ways of our universe. For example, how much do you actually follow the teachings of the divine, of the founder, of our pastor? How we drop the teachings: The process of the universe; the founder's ultimate -- The Divine Reminder; The ideal faith saving Kami and raising the human race. Bathing in such glorious virtue, we should be able to sigh in grand thankful respect. Realize I myself am but a disobedient weakly. The truth of Japanese sushi is the spice inbetween the fish and rice that raises the tasty flavor of both. By realizing our true nature we can give live to the process of divine works and the development of the human spirit. Realize your inadequate nature, open the heart to more fully respect the process of divine truth. We are in the middle and can bring the divine process to life in the human world. However, the pride that one is capable alone, breaks down the whole system of divine truth. Put the divine truth first and central to your life. Don't waver as your renew the human spirit to respect and follow the divine process of life.
Sunday, March 21, 1999 Wagakokoro Day Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo You can not help but received divine blessings even after death. Pray even at the moment of death. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #43] That world; this world. The human world; the divine world. People are born into the world of man. Realize the uncertainty of the human world. When you desire to reside in the world of Kami There's no other way than to actually follow the teachings. This world is here for that world. 7/3/82 We all must die; and we need to live. What do we need to take with us in death? What should we leave behind? It's the fundamental salvation of the human spirit, the blessings of truth which we are studying. When you awake in the morning do you feel the wonder, do you sense the serious importance of this new day ahead of you? There was a believer who spoke of having to undergo another hardship. What is the difference between his stance and mine? I wish to strengthen myself by practicing faith with another hardship. I look forward to the strengthening training. We want to get closer to the divine heart, our spirit to match closer with diety. The founder, Konko Daijin, shifted completely at age 44 to following the directions of diety. He was taking the daily happenings as the work of divinity. It's the practice of respecting the process of life, the indications of divine work. We need not wait till after death for any saving paradise. The Konko faith is teaching how to strengthen the spirit and follow divine indications in our very lives. It's salvation now in the very happenings of our life's process.
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