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Saturday, August 29, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Anger casts a cloud over one's heart. [Toward True Faith #7] Oyasensei: "How do you receive this teaching? And why must one not get angry? State it simply." Wakasensei: "Since getting angry is when we're not modest, from that point we're cut away from Kami's work." Mitsuaki Sensei: "Because when angry we have a small heart, blessings are stopped." Mikisaburo Sensei: "We cannot interact with every act or each part of the process." Eishiro Sensei: "We wish to receive all of Kami's workings with a broad mind." ** By asking people, anger erupts. By asking Kami, graces thrive. ** Open the way as a foolish simpleton. 7/7/84 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] A world without anger is: without dissatisfaction or deficiency ... benevolence for multitudes ... a world of joy and ease, extending to infinite blessings. ** ** ** ** The Problem _IS_ The Work Of Divinity! Knowing that you desire to polish the gem of faith even brighter. ** ** ** ** It's amazing that over a hundred years ago, the founder was teaching: Come here to practice faith; at home receive blessings. Everybody comes here to the mediation area to receive relieving blessings. It was that way in the founder's days, and also during the early days of our first master, Rev. Soichiro Otsubo. It still persists even now for so many of the worshipers. Actually, really, truly, blessings are to be received in your home, in your family, in your heart which is peacefully at joy, the spirit at peace with joy.
Friday, August 28, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo If people prayed before taking medicine, blessings would be quick. Instead, however, they take medicine before praying, so there are no divine blessings. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #47] It's not just for illness. The Divine Will is such that everything is done focusing on Kami. This morning Mr. Ryu of Fukuoka came to worship and offer his gratitude. The other day he received word from his daughter-in-law in Miyazaki that his grandchild had suddenly become sick and was asked to come as soon as possible. First of all he came here for mediation and to request prayers. Therefore I told him that by going to Miyazaki the illness would not be cured. Suggesting he leave matters over there to Kami and single-heartedly come to worship here, he made his decision, was able to come worship everyday, and today was able to receive the blessings of offering his gratitude to Kami. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/30/76 It's teaching prayer and medication, instead of medicating and praying. The late master, Rev. Soichiro Otsubo, practiced prayer and prayer. We pray for a place for mediation where our worries can be left and we go in ease. The spirit of mediation is opened wider and wider broading with more enriched kindness and care. It's the place where the glories of divine graces are demonstrated. It takes time. And prayer is a necessity. You are able to save others more and more as such faith becomes one's flesh and blood. The spirit is devoted to prayer; the body is busy caring for all concerned; the heart shines enriched in divine favor. It's like the depth of inspired devotion to spiritual enrichment of our late master, Rev. Soichiro Otsubo. How much did he pray and devote himself to have a believer come to be awakened in the spirit, saved in body and soul, blessed with divine favor? Pray deeper and more devoutly. Pray and pray, more and more.
Thursday, August 27, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Know that heaven and earth will be your eternal home while you are living and even after you die. [General Principles #3] Both paradise and hell, even the world under the ground or the bowels of the earth, are no where else but in the universe. Wheresoever it might be, it's the bosom of Kami. Again, when you are aware "there is in hell a house for you" (words of Shinran*), you are put at ease. In any event, we wish to have the joy of faith at least. By probing, perceiving and putting into practice the heart of heaven and the feeling of earth that joy will gush forth like a fountain stronger and wider. 7/7/73 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] * the founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism I feel we are only getting some premature warmth from the divine love of everything. That will not save or help anybody. We truly need to probe and awaken to the heavenly and earthly blessings in our midst. The first impression of this Airaku Church was so great that one lady decided not to tell anyone else, she was just so happy. However, to the spread the word to others is really so much more beautiful. It's actually to hold the prayer request of Kami -- if only another could be saved, if only this joy could sprea wider and broader. Talking of truly following the rhythm of the process of this universe we live in, a believer told the story of coming to worship with her husband, but missing the Grand Ceremony entirely. Her husband was going to come along with her which was something she was happy about. First, he decided to wash the car. Then all sweated up, he takes a shower. And finally as they're on the way, the police stop them for speeding. When they did arrive the ceremony was finished. The point to remember here is there is no need to rush. Take the process as it comes. If that were done, possibly the police wouldn't have entered the story, and the arrival would be in better time. It's the process we need to practice. And you don't want to rush the process. Also there are people who don't mix in with the crowd. It's interesting that among friends of the Otsubo brothers there are many of these people. These are ones who other people don't care about; they are even hated. You all know someone like that. Well, many of my closes friends are that type. For such people you need to give much more room, they need more space than those who are part of the crowd. Don't rush. Follow with the process. Take more space, more time. Practice well with the blessings of this heaven and this earth. You will see that it is easily spread wider and broader. First in yourself. Enlarge the spirit of your heart, ever more beautiful, ever more enriched in natural blessings. The joy of blessings spreads like wildfire. It won't be halted.
Wednesday, August 26, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Instead of thinking about the pain you feel, be thankful now for the blessings that are coming. [How To Develop Faith #47] Though I know it's not easy to offer one's gratitude when the going is rough, if you realize that everything is divine love, then even by lying you have to express your gratitude. This is how the founder is teaching us. There's the proverb: From lies come truth. 7/19/80 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Thinking of the old man seen on TV who wanting to work but can't, so picks up discarded drink cans along the road makes me feel sad. If our desire to be of service is only here it IS sad. It's the universe which considers you important -- whomsoever decides to take up the request of divinity. So many times, though, we are in the way of what the universe is actually requesting, is working on. May even our tiny efforts to display true thankfulness match and be in tune with the rhythm of the universe. May the drop (of water) of human prayer (effort) be able to move the ocean (workings) of the universe. May Kami's request come to be fulfilled. We'll need the graces of Kami for real faith to blossom. It's the rhythm of Wa and Ga -- Wa broadens praying for the five requests of Kami, of the universe; Ga is the thankfulness of meeting Kami's request. It's provides endless energy for real faith.
Tuesday, August 25, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Though people call me (Konko Daijin) "kami," I am not the only one. All people who come here are the children of Kami. To be a living-kami is to have Kami born within you. I was the first to receive such divine blessings. You can all receive divine blessings in the same way. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #18] The divine wish is that humans, who are all people of Kami, truly become living spirits. This is the primary wish of Kami. Although we need to pray for all people on earth to unite in the spirit of the Principle Parent, first I myself must become spiritually alive. The first step then, is _my_ spiritual growth. Only then can I receive blessings for the spiritual well-being of those around me. It is taught that someone who awakens the spirit in one person is themself, a living spirit. "To be a living spirit is to have Kami born within you." To awaken each one around me, is, of course, to give birth to a living spirit. If a hundred people are awakened, then you can be the living spirit for one hundred. To complement me, someone once said, "Kami has blessed you with the ability to sing Japanese limericks." I believe that this is the way for the process of life to be taken in and savored. Within my heart is born a truly wonderful feeling. This, of course is what is called the birth of the living spirit. Nurturing this feeling will lead the way to being a living spirit. 8/4/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Our present headminister, Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, is really aiming to show that the very ordinary person can open their spirit and bring Kami alive in their everyday life. The greatest blessing of our divine parent is that the ordinariness of human living can be brought alive. The first headminister and master brings Kami's spirit alive even when singing Japanese limericks. As a matter of fact, his teachings are even peppered with lyrics from these songs. He uses them to teach the way of the universe, the way anyone, anywhere can open the divine spirit in their ordinary lives. Is this a unique quality of Konko Daijin's faith? Just through how you lead an ordinary life the spirit opens and divinity and humanity mutually benefit in the everyday living of the blessings brought about. Just an ordinary man -- Konko Daijin, the founder; Rev. Soichiro Otsubo; Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo -- just an ordinary person of our world. And they demonstrate the extraordinary spirit possible ! in the ordinary life. Yes. Even you can open the spirit of your ordinary life. The human ordinary becomes super-ordinary in the divine depth it can find. Rev. Dick Dusek
Monday, August 24, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo For faith daily renewal is most important. Live each day with the same happy heart you have on New Year's day. When the sun sets, think that it is the last day of the year. When the sun rises, think that it is New Year's day. If you are happy everyday, there will be no discord in the family. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #35] Many worship the sunrise, but few worship the sunset. Unless you take New Year's Eve importantly, you will not be able to greet the morning of the New Year. Refreshed in the morning. Busy during the day. Thankful at night. The New Year's Eve feeling is the effort of doing what must be done today and not putting off until tomorrow. In order to receive the New Year's feeling of no discord in the family, you must stop blaming others. To worship everything surrounding you is how to celebrate the New Year's service. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/18/76 With the heart of New Year's Day; the mood on the last day of the year ... Everyone has once felt that by imple- menting this spirit there won't be any discord in the family and blessings will be received, but rarely is it done. This is because of the lack of the three gratitudes: thankfulness, preciousness, awesomeness. As in the tale of the waterfall at Yoro, when you set the intent on praying to please your parent single-heartedly, then Kami bestows you with a thankful heart. It's amazing, but having a thankful heart makes what you usually cannot do, easy to do thankfully. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/26/81
Sunday, Wagakokoro Day, August 23. 1998 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, Oyasensei, the pastor of Airaku Church When practicing faith, there are more blessings which cannot be seen than those which can be seen. The blessings you unknowingly receive are more than the blessings you knowingly receive. If you think about it, you will come to realize the many divine blessings that you have already received. When you can do this, you are a true believer. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #53] Since it is teaching, "If you think about it, you will come to realize the many divine blessings that you already have, and by doing it, you become a true believer," we then must aim to be true believers. To do that, you look to find your worst characteristics. Then you'll build up the actual sensation to feel "every single thing as blessed." 7/5/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Oyasensei spoke of himself. His high school daughter and high school niece bring him his dinner and they were speaking of possible marriage choices using the four Otsubo Senseis to choose from. Anyhow, his daughter was definitely against ever marrying someone like her father. She said that her mother is great to have put up with his type of personality. Right here it is, your worst characteristics. That is the point where true developments begin in sensing the blessings in life. I, Dick Dusek, was speaking in mediation with a believer when I went back to my difficult days in the college language classroom. The believer is a high school teacher, so it was revelant. Just as I spoke, recalling the most embarassing experiment in my teaching career, I came to realize how hard-headed and stiff I was. The year after such a great failure I completely changed teaching materials and the class became more enjoyable for all. And the following year I was ready for Kami to call me and entered this church for training as a minister. Yes, it's the worst you. And shifting more and more mildly and larger and larger in faith, the sensations of true blessing are more easily picked it. Now I see those times as blessings, as great paths which opened my heart for greater divine developments.
Saturday, August 22, 1998 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo If you wonder why you are having troubles despite your devout faith, your faith has stopped. Think that it is because you are lacking in faith, and practice faith single-heartedly. Then you can receive divine blessings. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #42] Though one says, "despite such devout faith," how well are we following what Kami says to do? To follow what Kami says is spiritual training. By taking it up, you begin the spiritual training of the Konko religion. The Mission For Training The Spirit Konko Daijin followed what Kami said as his training. When he presented it to others, it caused displays of fiction with others, at times he received resistance and was subjected to ridicule, too. His wife rebeled saying, "people will sneer. It gives a bad appearance." To that he relied, "I don't care about what people think. I follow what Kami says or somehow things won't work out, it won't suffice" and never loosened his position. Konko Daijin followed this sort of spiritual training. With his heart facing his own Kami, without letting up, he deepened and confirmed his realization of faith. (taken from The Konko Kyoto Newspaper of July 1, 1982) [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/2/82 "Faith is for awakening the spirit. Incorporating that in your life is spiritual training. Upon penetrating such a spirit you're able to commune with the universe. However, the training done before attaining it is for reaching spiritual awakening. It's not training for communing with the universe." (Rev. S. Otsubo, _Shinraku_ # 28) Asking why you have problems, one needs to clarify the objective of what your doing. What's the aim of the task your doing? Clarify that. The ideal of Airaku, together-in-ease, is enlightenment. To realize the process of life is actually divinity at work, divine work itself, is the highest awakening of faith. The objectives? The 5 Requests: health, family relations, success and prosperity, seeking truth, and the divine request of the peaceful, joyful heart (Wagakokoro). How to go about it? The 5 training points: come to worship, listen to the day's teaching, spiritual training, faith training, and training in your work. Doing what Kami says, the divine request, is to reach the Wagakokoro. The awakened soul is active at training. First, reach divine enlightenment, awaken the spirit, open into the world of the mutual working of divinity and humanity; both together at ease. Then practice living in that world reaching all 5 requests through applying the 5 points of training.
Friday, August 21, 1998 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Being born into Kami's world, you should realize the blessings of Kami and the world. [Toward True Faith #1] Study the way of ways; Walk the way of people exalted. Where the world of people and the world of Kami Are realized, you will know you're fully In the midst of divine virtue. Mount Koya used to be prohibited for women pilgrimage. Times have changed. Now everyone is allowed to climb. What's recorded in the private books of the temple is: Observe the authority of the times. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/3/78 "The most important divine blessing to grasp is to realize that we are given life, not that we are alive." [an excerpt from the Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The world of Kami : aware of being a child of Kami, of having this life in the midst of divine blessings, divine virtues. The world of Konko Daijin (the founder); awakened with ideal faith; realizing the world of being together-in-ease with Kami; knowing it is the process of the living universe. Before only the elite where permitted into the realms of religious graces; even such knowledge was guarded as sacred. Kami's land, the process of life itself, is open to everybody; the ordinary person is part of Kami's great universe. Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can enter the heart of divine virtue, Kami's world. The act of accepting, acknowledging the divine work of the process of life is to open the heart to Kami's world. Anyone can listen, anyone can realize it. Anyone can open into a truly divine world of endless joy, unlimitless blessings -- the heart of living together with Kami. Rev. Dick Dusek
Thursday, August 20, 1998 Since humans are the master of all living things in the universe, they must have faith corresponding to the laws of the universe. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #70] If pepper is not hot, it is worthless. If man isn't considered worthy of being the master, to be a master has no value. The founder has taught that human beings should be human, and masters should be masters. The very way to respect the work of nature is the way, unique and unparalleled, that corresponds to the laws of the universe. [Mini-teachings of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/30/82 Where is the value of being a master of living things? If it's not in becoming more and more thankful, then we become proud and conceited. I wish to become the most thankful person in the world. Our late master aimed to be the most thankful in Japan. I, at least, should be the greatest thankful person of the United States. It's all about being natural, taking the work of nature respectfully, joyfully, thankfully. It depends on the mirror you use to view this world. The process of nature is truly divine works in our midst. A master achieves communion with the rythmns of the universe, the works of nature, the process of life itself. It is a life unparalled.
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