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Wednesday, January 20, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Those practicing faith always need to maintain Kami in their hearts. [How To Develop Faith #28] Feel like you have an enormous sum in your pocket. Take care of it so it won't get lost. You don't want it stolen, nor your pockets picked. Maintaining the Kami your receive in your heart, Kami will be your guardian. When thoroughly receiving Kami, a true heart, the heart of love will naturally become a part of you. To live in the splendid world of truth, excellence and beauty, Enter the heart of genuine love without sparing oneself 7/31/79 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] What is it that can maintain Kami in one's spirit??? It is sincere and conscientious faith; faithful and exact; truly meticulous faith in divine works. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T H E P R O C E S S O F L I F E Is The Divine Rhythm Of The Universe **=========================** Wealth is like a passing dream, and success like an illusion. Don't devote yourself to something which has no lasting value. Now hear the sound of the opening of the universe and be awakened. We must seek for everlasting blessings.
Tuesday, January 19, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Practice faith like a plum blossom rather than a cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms fall quickly. Plum blossoms endure the cold weather and do not fall quickly. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #29] Faith which just prays for tangible blessings is faith like the cherry blossom. Faith which prays to awaken the spiritual heart must receive Kami's divine virtue. By practicing faith like the plum blossom, the blessings received will have buds and blossoms. Scratching because it itches is faith like the cherry blossom. Enduring patiently, although it itches, is faith like the plum blossom. Divine virtue is attained while enduring. Abilities through spirit possession is faith like the cherry blossom. Divine virtues from Kami is faith like the plum blossom. 7/12/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Are we going for the forms of blessings or to save our spirit? Is it faith for blessings or true faith? Are we dependent on the mediator or on the ideal of faith? Is our faith dependent or independent? Yesterday we talked of being different. The point was that you yourself must change. Kami is asking through many situations, haven't you changed yet? By changing yourself, then the world around you changes, too. This is faith which is believable. Our aim?? Depend on the ideal of faith! Are you gathering blessings? or building the spirit? How to go about it?? Work on changing yourself! Become larger: don't blame others; don't complain. Become fuller: not displaying dissatisfactions, dislike; quietly in control. Become purer: do away with selfish instincts, common standards; get closer to manifesting the divine request. The founder had a dream; our founding pastor took it up. With a single heart will you receive and take up the dream of Konko faith? The ordinary person acting naturally meets and lives in tune with the rhythm of the universe. In slow, sure steps the divine request is manifest in human life. A world of those leading with a peaceful and joyful heart. The dream comes true. Divine virtue enriching the human world.
ARE YOU MAKING A DIFFERENCE? Monday, January 18, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Do not be afraid to be different from others. You cannot practice faith without being different. A person who is different is one who has a pure heart. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #73] What it means here to be different from others is to be one who eagerly works at understanding the truth of things. As even the human body senses some things and not other things, Kami will feel those people who exhibit traits of a real difference. 7/25/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] With an obedient heart alone You will find a way Above the clouds. Reaching above the clouds is how people realize the glory of divinity. Obedient is how to be pure and follow the will of God straight and simple. To make a difference is to have the desire to change oneself. Trying to change and become different -- this is the trait which Kami will feel; it's what Kami is looking for. Truly to be different in this sense of shifting oneself toward making a difference is to work at reaching greater truths, to understand what is true. To act in a different manner is to really desire to change oneself. Then this difference is felt and becomes a new belief, a way of faith. Mr. Shinjiro Ishii praying every morning, noon and night is shifting his way of prayer, little by little. It's this notion of changing oneself. The divine name of the founder changed one after the other as he shifted and changed in faith. There are five: Bunji Daimyojin, Konshi Daimyojin, Konko Daimyojin, Konko Daigongen, and Ikigami Konko Daijin. Each indicates a stage in his faith. It proves he was really trying to change himself. This is what Kami feels. A believer, Mrs. Nakashima of Dazaifu, wrote on her New Year's cards that she wishes this year to advance forward as dancing toward the nature of the universe. You have to feel the rhythm to be able to move in harmony with the three natures of the universe: heavenly manifestation, earthly acceptance, and orderly precision. Put your faith into action. Straight and simple follow obediently what Kami wills. The processes in your life give you all the indications you need. Try it and see how far it goes. The process is truth we have the blessing to be a part of; it's the greatest truth we are able to feel. Touch it; work with it. It is there for you to build and grow in oh! so many ways -- ways to becoming different.
Sunday, January 17, 1999 Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, pastor WAGAKOKORO DAY SERVICES AT 10AM Nothing ever stays the same. Unless each person practices faith, it will not last very long. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #67] The blind person, the deaf, various people in different circumstances, each realizing their situation must rise to it through faith. Since the blind cannot see, they counteract by developing a strong sense of perception to the point that the person with sight appears ill-suited; the deaf develop precision better than anyone in interpreting the spirit/hearts of others. It's really necessary to demonstrate fully the bodily strengths each of us has. We must actually work at studying and mastering how to be delighted, how to be grateful. 7/19/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] This year began with the teaching that we need not have anyone else accompany us in our faith. Then my final day of duty, Jan 7th, was the same teaching as today, each of us needs to practice faith. Kami's message of importance of one single person's faith can be felt. You can see this, can't you? Recently I have been listening to tapes of Rev. Masao Takahashi. I have received about 200 tapes. In 1965 he preached everyday during the 50 days of winter training at Konko Faith Headquarters. Each and every day he repeats the same thing, asking: What is the way to be saved? What is the founder's way of seeking salvation? And what is salvation? So he is asking each one to search and come to find the way to be saved in the Konko faith. To be saved there are many, many ways. If it's raining, one is saved with an umbrella; when you need money, it's a loan. It's a form of salvation, but ... Searching for the way to save one's life. It's the deepest pursuit of life. The founder found it at age 42 when near fatally ill. Our late master found it at the end of the WWII, when he had lost everything he had developed. Our pastor got to it in 1982, when taking the place of the first pastor. He discovered he had nothing at all; he was just a naked king. It was Mr. Yamada's mediation. To polish the stone (heart) with one's own selfness, especially the selfish portion. It will polish the way to an amazing life. First one must waken!!! My daughter working two hours tires herself out. I work ten hours and do not tire. What's the difference? Wakened and then practicing leads to strength. You need to seek wakening? What is your life's salvation? When you can respect the processes in your life till it becomes a living part of you, you find your awakening. It's actually realizing, not just mentally, that you are nothing, you have nothing. You're just a tiny, tiny fish in the great ocean. Those who are awakened can then go on to open the way of the founder, a Wagakokoro lifestyle. Seek the awakening of your life. It's a way that satisfies your life.
Saturday, January 16, 1999 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Practice faith. Practicing faith means to direct your heart towards Kami. Though you are surrounded by divine virtue, you will not receive blessings unless you have faith. Even a lamp full of oil cannot give light without a wick. Without light, the night would be dark. Without faith, the world would be dark. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #21] Belief is strength; strength is light. Through belief man is saved. Light passes throughout the world. The aspect felt in this life is That the world is really dark. In this era, as on a dark night, With the strength of belief, with light Let us serve society. To get the belief of practicing faith which means to direct your heart towards Kami and to receive the blessings of faith, pray to Kami for all things, trust in Kami for everything. Belief will be born. This is "to direct your heart towards Kami." 7/3/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] I'm told to believe, to have faith, so immediately I begin to pray. However, faith or belief is not prayer; it's facing toward Kami, the divine; it's to request divine work. From a song: "Everlasting is a word I didn't know." What is everlasting?? It's Kami, diety. All human abilities are limited. While speaking of the limits of the human being, the siren of an ambulance passing by the church was heard from outside. Doesn't this add divine stress to our true human limits. For everlasting blessings I face my heart (Wagakokoro) toward Kami and divine work (the process). With just the belief that the process of one's life is itself divine work a believer at Akiyoshi Church got through great difficulty. There wasn't time to share more details. Belief in the process of life gives the spirit strength, which provides appropriate light to see one through the difficulties of the day. The duty minister today, Rev. Shintaro Suenaga, read the same teaching with this mini-teaching: From the world of man to the world of Kami. From the world of darkness to the world of light. In our way of faith "practicing faith means to direct your heart towards Kami." It's to train your heart to get step after step closer and closer to Kami. From the joy and the delight of removing your evilness, your selfishness, gradually the troublesomeness is removed. With the very gathering of such people, there is the world of Kami, the world of light. Let's make a ring of shining light! And then extend it far and wide! Let's receive the blessing of reforming the world. 7/4/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo]
Friday, January 15, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Should The Principal Parent of the universe enter a shrine, the world would turn dark. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #10] Ceaselessly light is provided, Kami continuously offers us relief and joy. The way of light is indicated to those who believe. From there is the bright world of blessings. For those doubting and can't believe there is but the handmade way. When you try and turn to Kami, you will definitely feel a reply. 7/1/83 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Closing Kami up in a tiny shrine is just like getting rid of your elderly on the mountain. You know the story of the mountain for ridding your home of elderly people, don't you? Well, the head of the family just couldn't get himself to do it. So he hid his elderly parent. But whatever you do, in such a world you won't reach true happiness. It's said the world is advancing and opening evermore into new horizons. But actually, the world is not opening, it's collapsing. Such advancement is not helping humankind reach closer to any form of true happiness. This was revealed to the founder and is very relevant today. Before seeking the way to advance, seek the light. There are many new departments of study in our colleges and universities, but until studies are pursued in how to reach and maintain human happiness, the light won't shine for long, if at all. How does one get the spirit which maintains a peaceful joyful heart? Last night after weeks of work I was getting close to the final pages of past records of believers' mediations during the early years of our church's history. The final countdown with 10 pages to go was about the time when the preparations of the believer's committee for the coming-up conference of believers were completed. So after 10 last night we joined together and celebrated our joy with a toast. Really joyful we felt the divine work involved in two separate projects reaching completion in such inspiring rhythm. Surely such joy in where we can reach for true happiness in the peaceful joyful heart. Let's build a world of joy where divinity and humanity both benefit, both advance. Closing Kami inside a shrine is not what is desired. Reach for the rhythm of the universe, the inspiring works of divinity in the process of our lives.
Wednesday, January 13, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo The believers who come to worship The Principle Parent regard the mediator as a representative of the deity. If the representative is absent, believers will say that The Principle Parent is absent too. Do not leave the worship hall unattended. Dedicate yourself to faith. Continue to always hold the proper attitude. There are people from all walks of life, but The Principle Parent regards all people as equals. Since all people are children of The Principle Parent, treat them all with the same regard and consider no one as unworthy. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #93] What it means to "continue to always hold the proper attitude" is the glory of receiving life in this world as 'I'm a child of Kami,' and always being conscious of one's worst self as 'I'm a child of scrap.' If it's when one has this spirit of the upper and the lower, wheresoever you might be, you would answer with gratitude. It is where you get by without having to look up to or down on other people. It is when you are worried, desiring selfish satisfactions, arrogant with pride, accusing other people, and so on that Kami is absent from your heart. 7/22/83 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 'Kind and attentive faith in Kami' it's the founder's faithful and exact trust in Diety. This is the final statement of Konko faith. It's to always hold the proper attitude in faith; a faith that is in balance; it's a living, moving attitude of divine proportions -- the blood swells and bubbles over in joy. If the world of Airaku is without rules, then it's a fearful diety to put faith in. The feeling of exact and faithful; there's no mistake. Here is where the joy of faith is unmistakable. When slapped you snap right back.
Tuesday, January 12, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Konko Daijin tells how he has received blessings from Tenchi Kane No Kami. For those who doubt and do not listen to what Konko Daijin says, let them be. They are so darling. They will receive divine blessings when the time comes. You will understand this when you have children. Children who do not listen to their parents are most distressing. Parents can do nothing for children who do not listen to them. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #20] This teaching does not just apply to those people who have no faith. Even while you are practicing faith, if you don't listen to teachings or live by them, it is the same as ignoring our parents. Why don't we listen? It is because we don't "understand." Since we do not understand our parent's intentions, we cannot understand our parents' heart. If we do understand our parents' heart, we cannot disrespect them. By understanding the heart of our Heavenly Parent we can do nothing else _but_ practice faith. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/3/76 I received mediation later in the day and was lead to understand our Principal Parent's true heart aspecially at the point where our faith wavers. My head is covered scales; it's itchy and painful. It's also embarassing for others to see it -- it's not a pretty sight. Even here the divine embrace of our diety's love for our true awakening to the ease of greater faith-living, I begin to feel as I was walking on a chore afterwards. The parental heart for the child is never ending in its loving prayer for the child's truer development. Remember that the ideal of Airaku has roots; it's not anything that was made on our own. The founder had a dream and there many who took it up and carried it further and wider. We have many devoted ministers to be greatly thankful for. Without their tremendous work with the founder's dream there could never be any such ideal as found at Airaku.
Monday, January 11, 1999 Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo Instead of thinking about the pain you feel, be thankful now for the blessings that are coming. [How To Develop Faith #47] There are no blessings while asking, "why ?" Blessings come when saying, "This is how!" This is how to be nurtured. This is how to be polished. This is how to be renewed. This is how fate is turned. After accepting those points, you come to "be thankful now for the blessings that are coming." That is the difference between those with faith and those without. 7/14/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] What's the difference between those having faith and those who don't? It comes down to a way of living which meets the very heart of Kami -- the way of the universe. Are we just using words? Saying this is the way, but somewhere along the way we start wondering why? To match and keep in tune with the universe requires us to constantly renew ourselves. The attitude that it is I that must renew equals the view "this is the way". It's how we stay up with the way of the universe. When "why" enters the situation our personal wishes are replacing the way of the universe. From a dream of Mrs. Higashi: the most beautiful pumpkins on the right; the most beautiful egg plants on the left. She decides to buy some of each and take them home. Pumpkin is the foolish simpleton that just must practice faith -- such faith makes a difference. Egg plant is said to be ease, the true ease of those with faith. Both are absolutely necessary. Thus faith really makes a difference.
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