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Wednesday, December 30, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Being born into Kami's world, you should realize the blessings of Kami and the world. [Toward True Faith #1] The world of Kami is the world of man. The emperor would indicate the leader of the country, the leader of a period. It's talking about understanding the blessings of our world. If any Tom, Dick or Harry does not understand, then man and the world will not succeed. 6/16/68 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] We would like to receive just the right amount of blessings. It's to keep in rhythm: before, during and after; morning, noon and night; sleeping, eating and excreting. I still feel deeply that I am not thankful enough, my gratitude is lacking in many places.
Tuesday, December 29, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Although Kami cannot be seen, you are constantly walking within and through the midst of Kami. Even while fertilizing a field or walking along a path, you are in Tenchi Kane No Kami's hall of mediation and worship. The whole world is the mediation and worship hall of Tenchi Kane No Kami (The Principal Parent of the Universe). [Teachings of Konko Daijin #6] Since you realize through this faith the sensation such that "you are constantly walking within and through the midst of Kami," you are able to have a thankful life of faith that's vivid every day. And it's not just that. You also receive divine virtue. The establishing of faith is when such a sensation has been reached. 7/18/75 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] This is the feeling you have when establishing your faith. We have been saying these next two years are to establish your hold on the ideal of faith. It is this sensation we are talking about. This teaching of the founder is equivalent to what we call the rhythm of the universe. It's actually the rhythm of divine virtue. We wish to live in rhythm with the universe, therefore you need to realize the rhythm of the universe. Instead of thinking about the pain you feel, be thankful now for the blessings that are coming. [How To Develop Faith #47] Our late master was asked throughout various stages of his joyous life, "Are you really so very happy?" These were difficult times, but taken as part of divine gifts or Kami's request or spiritual training they were appreciated so much that those around him found it hard to believe. At times even he spoke of: "it's like I'm passing a frightening place or walking over thin ice. That is because in my heart I have the feeling of fright. It's the time for me to renew, the time to polish, to diligently seek each day for blessings to actually walk along within and through the midst of Kami," Even he had times like these; even he had such feelings in his heart.
Monday, December 28, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Do not hesitate to go to worship during rain or strong winds. Enduring these hardships is training to receive virtue. No matter how diligently you may recite the words of prayers, it is equal to telling lies to Kami unless you do it with genuine sincerity. When you worship, you need not clap your hands loudly. Kami can hear even a small sound. When you pray, you do not have to do it loudly or in a peculiar intonation. Pray as you would talk to others. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #68] When speaking of endurance, it must be that of persevering faith. Unless it includes renewing and purifying from within the heart, it will not become "training to receive virtue." Without being blessed with renewing and purifying parts of your everyday life, "it is equal to telling lies to Kami." With just the forms of faith, blessings is all. With faith from the heart, virtue is attained. 7/20/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo]
Sunday, December 27, 1998 Wagakokoro Day Services 10 AM Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo, pastor Without opening to a teaching our pastor spoke of the great message that Kami has lead us to this year. It's of gravest importance. It is something which must be understood before we can proceed further in our faith. The pastor himself has held improper and incorrect feelings about our late master and the founder and Konko history. He hadn't studied it to be able to know. Recently he is diving deeper and deeper into the founder's memoirs and various areas of Konko history. He states frankly that it has been a grave error to place our master above the founder. We have been making errors that are like placing our beliefs above Kami. His own respect for the past ministers wasn't enough, was even misplaced. We ourselves need to improve our understanding and raise our respect for the great work they have done. It's like we have put down the feat of black-and-white TV in those days? But you will come to realize that it was really great and deserves much more respect and appreciation than we have shown so far. During the earliest days of Konko faith there were only Shinkai and Shinkun teachings. Not until Taisho 2nd year were the One Hundred Teachings put out. And still even ministers hadn't any understanding of the founder's Divine Call in 1859. That wasn't until much later when the founder's Notebook of Revelations finally appeared. As we know it wasn't published until the hundredth celebration of the founder's death. We and all Konko people from the past have received the founder's dream. It's more than a dream. It's a great and huge belief; it's the divine request for humankind. We must come to appreciate more the great efforts of the past; we need to reach for further, deeper truth into this Konko faith of the founder. Without this step it will be impossible to proceed and move on into the next stages of faith which Kami is leading us.
Saturday, December 26, 1998 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Though people call me (Konko Daijin) "kami," I am not the only one. All people who come here are the children of Kami. To be a living-kami is to have Kami born within you. I was the first to receive such divine blessings. You can all receive divine blessings in the same way. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #18] In the heart is a flower garden. Ocassionally flowers of the seasons bloom profusely. The way it comes about is training in faith. The founder teaches, "to be an ikigami is to have Kami born within you." The way you are joyous under the blazing sun or in the cold of winter is by the blooming of the flower of joy. Plant the seeds of joy so you're joyful at any time and any place. When the buds of joy sprout, use the joy nurtured without bending or breaking it. Selfish desires will cruelly trample down the buds of joy. 7/1/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo]
Friday, December 25, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Do not strain yourself by rushing things, but wait for the right time. [Toward True Faith #10] There is a way in the universe; there's a melodious rhythm in the universe. One should know the way and master how to live riding the rhythm. While wishing to travel to Tokyo, boarding the line for Kagoshima will put you in the opposite direction. It is because you don't know the way. By rushing things, getting confused and impatient you won't be able to hear the rhythm of the universe. To live according to the divine will is a way of living where you get rid of your own way and ride the rhythm as you act. The founder has taught the way to live joyfully, thankfully and faithfully while following the way of the universe and tuning your ear to listen for the rhythm of the universe. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/2/73 The way that is taught is that problems don't become a problem. However, most people take problems as a problem; they even go so far as to use them to give birth to more problems. By centering your life on the process, which is divine work in our midst, you live in tune with the rhythm of the universe. It's to be centered on what Kami is doing. Thus we strengthen and develop ourselves through each event and problem. Examining the problem is not needed. We wish to nourish our faith, develop our way of life with what is happening, thus following the process or rhythm of the universe.
Thursday, December 24, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Whether or not your prayers are answered with divine blessings depends upon your heart. [How to Develop Faith #44] Strait conditions Are not made by carpenters. Self-constructed We ourselves are the passengers. Whatsoever, With singleness be meek. Beyond the clouds A way is there to reach. Though I pray and pray, still problems persist. I thus gaze intently at my own heart. There was lurking the source which prevented relief. It was quite a shock to me. That is where you begin renewing your way of faith. Reverend Ishibashi, the founder of Kurume Church, has taught, "Board the ship of virtues and sail through this world." Since you make your own strait conditions, through faith you'll also be able to make the ship of virtues. 7/11/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Konko Daijin teaches such a natural way which meets with the rhythm of the universe. You pray and whether or not blessings are received depends on your heart. If the heart is a wasteland, there's little chance for blessings. At church such fantastic speech and wonderful ideas, but at home? Develop a strong faith that won't fail when things get tough. You get hit by this or that. Thus you face more strongly toward faith. Use the situation to bring out deeper faith. Seek deeper and purer faith with whatever the process gives you. What's in the way? Pride -- in conventional standards. We need to get beyond it. For a farmer not to put oil in his fields is unthinkable; for a parent to be quiet with an disobedient child is unthinkable. But by doing it you reach beyond standard conventions for greater faith. That's what the founder did; that's what our master has taught. The problem, good or bad, is NOT the concern. To accept and build beyond it. That is the point.
Wednesday, December 23, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Practice faith. Practicing faith means to direct your heart towards Kami. Though you are surrounded by divine virtue, you will not receive blessings unless you have faith. Even a lamp full of oil cannot give light without a wick. Without light, the night would be dark. Without faith, the world would be dark. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #21] Belief is strength; strength is light. Through belief man is saved. Light passes throughout the world. The aspect felt in this life is That the world is really dark. In this era, as on a dark night, With the strength of belief, with light Let us serve society. To get the belief of practicing faith which means to direct your heart towards Kami and to receive the blessings of faith, pray to Kami for all things, trust in Kami for everything. Belief will be born. This is "to direct your heart towards Kami." 7/3/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Without my faith there wouldn't be anything like my present self now. The wish to raise and nourish thankfulness, the feeling of true thanks. In a dream the dirty things are what you return to the soil. It's a cycle. May faith lead to strength, and strength lead to light. There are many who haven't reached the point of strength becoming light. But here is where we return the greatest thanks to our parental Kami.
Tuesday, December 22, 1998 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo From now on, you need not be concerned with the Days and Directions. Follow the faith that Tenchi Kane No Kami has taught. [General Principles #11] From the contricting inconvenient ways of the world, which feels something unharmful is harmful and teaches the fearless as fearful, revert to the original state of human beings. It is the way to freely enjoy the pleasure of communing with the universe, whereby both Kami and the believer are fulfilled. It can be said that what Konko Daijin has taught is the religious spirit which precedes religions. Through such faith let's emerge from the constraining precepts of religion. And then revert to what has been taught. 7/25/78 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Born from the soil, die and return to the soil, the human being during life should also maintain the spirit of the soil. The process of life is the teaching of the universe that precedes established religions.
Monday, December 21, 1998 After the blessing of getting my wife to the doctors, I rested all day recuperating with her. It was really a blessing, because it's not anything easy for one person like me to get it done alone. But that is what happened. It wasn't easy, but certainly a blessing. She rested well off and on all day. It was the first real sleep she had had for a couple of days.
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