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Tuesday, October 31, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo The religious training of this faith does not involve traditional physical austerities. Doing your everyday work is religious training. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #39] Living itself is not religious training; it's the contents. Your occupation is not for your livelihood; it's when you realize you are given this life and you truly make recompense for Kami's benevolence that for the first time you are able to speak of the religious training of your job. It's not done just by working devotedly.     This morning I received a phone call from Mrs. Ebisuura. She works in a hospital. The directing doctor there is quite a hard person to get along with. Because of this employees don't stay on very long. So day after day her everyday has been disagreeable. Changing her attitude two or three days ago to accept whatever the director says just as if it were her minister speaking, she says that each day has become enjoyable and thankful. This very way of accepting must be exactly the religious training of your work. Don't you think so? 7/22/76 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Through the spirit of your work you will reach divine virtue. One must get their heart set. It's exactly as stated above. "It's when you realize you are given this life and you truly make recompense for Kami's benevolence that for the first time you are able to speak of the religious training of your job." Yesterday forgetting the point of reaching for greater truth after each truth attained, when sitting at the end of the day, last night, I received: The ever more greater truth is humility. I also have received, to take extra care with your joy. It's a meek manner we seek; a quiet undercurrent of joy. Yes, it's a humble way of living. Recompense to the universe -- we wish to show our indebtedness in our humility. Part of a dream seen on Oct 23 by Rev. Saburo Yamada has the message to look forward to two years from now. Rev. Yamada hasn't any idea that our pastor has been preaching that very point. It would be the year 2000. The 100th anniversary year for Konko religion, and the 50th anniversary since the late Rev. S. Otsubo started his spiritual mission. I expect more on this dream from our pastor, maybe tomorrow.
Friday, October 30, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo It is said that death occurs without respect to time. In this faith, death respects time. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #16] What it means is that we must become witnesses who actually prove that what Konko Daijin said and taught is certainly true, and that he hasn't taught anything which is false. Similarly, the mediator must actually prove that blessings come about just as Konko Daijin says by continuing earnestly to accept and receive the teachings of Konko Daijin. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 8/2/69 Konko Daijin teaches the Wagakokoro, the peaceful and joyful spirit. That is what meets the respect of time. Three points to consider: Why is it the Wagakokoro? What happens when you use such a spirit? How can one attain it? All things considered, the answer comes down to praying for and respecting the real process of our life. It's the process. It all comes down to that. Watching the huge expanse of space on TV I noticed there is so very much which is totally dark. It does not meet the light. Can't we say the same for the great workings of the process? Without our spirit, without a human heart you will not meet the process. Airaku faith does not take away one's selfish self. Instead, through respecting the process one's selfish concerns are put to work effectively. To meet the process I use five points: 1) Don't relax your efforts. 2) Say okay to everything. 3) Don't use your common sense, pride or ordinary standards. 4) Don't feel you are right; we want the next truer truth, a continuing process. 5) Don't run from the process; don't try to escape it. Today is the ceremony for KU-NO-ICHI KAI. And just think, it all started from a lady who was called a roach by her husband. Yesterday Mrs. Umeyama returned after a very long absence. Her first mediation was that she has returned as the worst possible woman ever. We wish to be living proof that the process is truly the light for opening the human spirit. The process puts live spirit into our peaceful, joyful hearts.
Thursday, October 29, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Konko Daijin speaks about the unlimited divine blessings from Kami. If you receive blessings by practicing faith and then sincerely give teachings to others with the same heart as Kami's, you too can walk the true way of faith. Passing on Konko Daijin's words without changing their meaning and helping others to practice true faith will please Kami. This will make you a Kami. You should not consider yourself above Kami, even if you become one. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #61] You can receive unlimited divine blessings; your heart will be saved to the point that even physical blessings will come your way. As if the fragrant scent of the ume blossom floating in the air would cause the flower to bloom, people will be lead to blessings which come even without requesting them, as naturally as the divine favor of a warbler coming to perch on the ume tree. For Kami's Will to be fulfilled, the first thing is that man be saved. This is what will please Kami the most. With this type of faith you will be able to receive divine virtue. And it will lead you to become a kami. 7/13/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Faith is for receiving divine virtue. As mentioned yesterday, it's the wholehearted sincerity of Airaku faith. You must be sincerely single-hearted in undergoing such faith training. In a dream, our pastor was seen with ministers from Amagi and Kurume in the old Otsubo family bath. He was leading a faith seminar and had asked Rev. Eishiro to pass around the printed matter. Such devotion to studying faith. Even in the bath!??!! Just so much so. Virtue is needed. With faith such as mentioned above in the teachings you're able to receive divine virtue. Two examples were given indicating the grave need for virtue. His son, Kenichi, is undergoing very painful stomache aches. He went early to sit at the evening mediation desk last night with his heart-spirit set. And last night Rev. Umeyama's wife has returned to redo her faith training in Airaku. Yesterday Rev, Umeyama spoke on this teaching below. He was the minister on duty yesterday. If someone calls you a thief, you should not get angry as long as you are not a thief. If someone calls you a beggar, you are not one if you do not go and beg. Kami sees all. Wear a sash of faith. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #58] From even a popular samisen song there's, "The look of the pine needle is so appealing/ The two even wither and fall together." By being this engrossed even your faith will be the real thing. However in a later verse it's, "The look of the maple leaf is without appeal/ The changing colors of the leaves announces the fall." This will not do. Understanding a little more of faith you get closer to a climax. Something is there and you are trembling. It is because the sash of faith is not securely tied. Faith is to enter the world where Kami watches over you and listens to you. 7/9/71 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Even when people laugh at us. we wish for a faith where by we have Kami close to us. Virtue is definitely needed.
Wednesday, October 28, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Praying to Kami with true intentions means that after clapping your hands and facing the altar, you will not turn around even if a spear pokes you. Your wholehearted prayers will not reach Kami if you allow yourself to be distracted by noises and voices. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #97] When seeing a red flame as white that is the climax of faith. It's teaching the posture for those who turn to Kami. I wish to practice such faith that problems don't become problems. The ardent wish of the parent for the child and the child for the parent becomes so passionate and priceless that it leads straight to Kami. People without reverence for Kami are far removed from realizing every precious thing. It is said that a single heart in Kami is to wholeheartedly reach the peak of actually sensing the precious things of Kami. 7/17/72 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] The ministers visiting from Brazil always speak of the balanced blessings they notice when looking at Airaku Church. For example, Rev. Kajiwara said that each Otsubo minister has their own character which is shining in their own way here in Airaku. Airaku faith is sincerely single-hearted; where as Konko faith of the past was whole-heartedly sincere. The young 25-year-old wife finally practiced coming to worship naked and her prayer attain whole-heartedness. Her husband's sickness was cured. She received blessings. Whole-hearted sincerity was practiced to receive blessings. Also with the first three requests for health, home and prosperity, even when fulfilled one only reverts back to the start again for more blessings. We must get to the final two requests of true work and attaining the divine request of the Peaceful Joyful Heart. We need to pray for world peace, and the salvation of all people. In another mini-teaching given by Rev. Katsuhiko Otsubo when he had just received the post of pastor, you can feel his deep, sincerest intentions of being single-hearted. "You must realize that the work of the whole universe is being done in order to raise the one person which is you." We need to become a gathering place for the waters (blessings) of life, and gather so much that such blessed water overflows with divine work. Our intent is to have single-hearted intent which is sincere and true. It's whole-hearted sincerity expressed with a sincere single-heart. Aim for praying for huge requests. Broaden and enlarge the scope of your faith. True world peace! May all people have a spirit of ease. Get beyond the cycle of seeking just for blessings. This was received from Kami on April 18 to be put on the bulletin board outside the church: <^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^> < PUT THE HEART INTO PRAYERFUL WORK > < > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ M A Y T H E R E B E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P E A C E I N E V E R Y L A N D I N E A C H H U M A N H E A R T P E A C E A N D E A S E TRUE HUMAN HAPPINESS AWAKENED IN THE HEART OF EVERYDAY WORK *** *** *** *** ***
Tuesday, October 27, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo When it's so painful, be thankful. Know that blessings are coming. [How To Develop Faith #47] There are no blessings while asking, "why ?" Blessings come when saying, "This is how!" This is how to be nurtured. This is how to be polished. This is how to be renewed. This is how fate is turned. After accepting those points, you come to "be thankful now for the blessings that are coming." That is the difference between those with faith and those without. 7/14/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Reading the Konko Newspaper there was an article about someone's tummyache. Receiving blessings of health they were so thankful. It's not the cure, but the fact of being healthy that is so thankfully appreciated. And when eating at the table, one is so thankful for the health to enjoy such delicacies. To continue to receive such thankful blessings is the point, isn't it? There are few examplfying such faith. It isn't sufficient faith, is it? The believers of Airaku take the painful training itself as so thankful. The wife of the late master is always treating each and everything as so very precious, as great gifts which aren't deserved, such lovely blessings. The ideal we are practicing everyday is the real thing. Genuine art or really excellent sake attracts and gathers crowds of people. People gather around the the true thing. We can't but give up and allow Kami to guide the way; it's the training on the mountain of life. Each moment, each movement we wish to be in rhythm with the universe, with divine work. With your eye on respecting the process that is given to you this very moment, you haven't the time to relie on selfish intentions. Thus respecting the process of life puts you at ease in that respect. You need not be concerned about personal gains, or standards of any kind. By following the rhythm of the process you are in, a singular spirit is attained which brings all things into creation. The process leads the way to the rhythm of the universe.
Monday、October 26, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo     You do not need anyone else to practice faith. You should practice faith on your own. If you need someone else to practice faith, you will also need someone to die with you. However, no one is willing to die with you. To practice faith is to live day to day. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #26] I received this message from Kami: "The craving for life." This means an active search for life itself. I wish to raise faith to the point where I can honestly say that faith _is_ my life. To do this it is necessary to grow constantly in understanding the real meaning of the truths our founder mastered. "To practice faith is to live day to day." [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/17/81 It's not the case that you must do this or that in order to develop faith. Instead, it's the spirit you need which drives you with a craving. One can't but follow in such faith. Actually, there's no room for anything to fit inbetween you and Kami. In a teaching the late master used this quoted verse: "The blossoming flower within the Rev. Kukai Is known by no one other than Amitabha." There's a difference between anxiety-free and being at ease. True faith is receiving blessings of being at ease. We wish for the desire to really crave for life. We want to take up the process as the real work of Kami. The process is the work of Kami. Taking this teaching as if hearing it for the first time approaches the craving we desire for true life. May we catch life. Treat the process honorifically. Address it as the sacred process, the process of divinity. Respecting the process leads to a faith where there's no room for anyone else but Kami and you. Here are a few beliefs for your relief: It won't do to know the thankfulness for one scoop of water. Establishing one's belief cannot be expected until knowing the benevolent blessings of a scoop of water. When miraculous joy prospers, there is prosperity. The more vitality you have the happier you are. Deep-rooted vitality is invigorated by true faith.
Sunday, October 25, 1998 The Ladies Group is holding a bazaar sale in the large auditorium. Over the past weeks many, many things have been brought in to put on sale. The prices are unbelievabily cheap. Tables are full to overflowing with everything. WAGAKOKORO DAY       Rev. Mitsuaki Otsubo    While you are young, you will be asked to do work which pays wages, but when you get older, you will not be asked. In practicing faith, the older you get, the more virtuous you become. If you practice faith, your gratitude will increase with each passing year. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #55] As you remove 'self' year after year you become more grateful. If you're not feeling grateful, notice it is strange, remove that selfish character, then renew and practice your faith. You will certainly get a grateful heart. You are given rank not because you grow old. How grateful you yourself become is your ranking. Faith is not practice for becoming great or wise; it's practice in becoming grateful. 7/6/71 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] This one was read today: Faith is the practice of removing your ego. With ego, even when receiving blessings, you won't feel grateful and you'll be unable to receive divine virtue. Even in practicing faith, until you devote yourself to removing ego, the thankfulness of ego will be all squeezed out. If a grateful heart has not been developed, you must realize that your ego is obstructing you. There is nothing that torments you more than your ego. 7/7/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Faith for blessings and more blessings does not raise a grateful heart. Practicing faith upon realizing that faith is to polish the gem in the heart, you naturally become grateful and gain more of faith's virtues. 7/15/82 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] I've included all three mini-teachings. Though ego and 'self' are being used in the first and second, it's all the same point of reducing one's selfish desires. Rev. Mitsuaki reading the teaching without his glasses really felt that his eyesight is weakening. He's aging, getting closer to 50 years old, he says. As we age eyes, ears, and various parts of our body weaken. It is Kami taking off some more of our 'selfness'. Our late master has taught you need not a grindstone to polish the soul .... What is happening at the moment is more then sufficient to practice polishing it. People feel coming to worship is the practice of faith. It's a very prevalent idea. However, such a level of faith only develops our selfish desires. It in no way will help reduce the obstruction caused by our selfishness. How many of us are really only raising our selfish desires and thinking we are developing our faith??? It's but for gaining blessings, isn't it? It will not get us close to learning true faith. As we take away more of our 'self,' thankfulness is developed step by step. Also feeling one needs to get a cure or get better, we lose track of developing a faith which grows more and more in thankfulness. Instead, removing more of the obstructing points of selfish motives, we can really attain the joy of faith. Work with the process that is happening now. It will open ways to gain such wonderful happiness beyond anything you might possibly imagine. Faith is to remove selfish desires. Aging is a process pointing us toward further faith development. It's natural and has great possibilities for enriching the soul, enlarging the heart, and attaining a peaceful, joyful heart (a Wagakokoro).
Saturday, October 24, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Look forward to the future without saying negative things. [How To Develop Faith #46] By having true faith you will think of nothing other than good things and happy things. When just needless worries and bad thoughts come to mind your faith is mistaken. You must realize you are lacking in practice and then take up your faith from that point. There's nothing besides a truly thankful heart to get rid of bad or evil thoughts. 7/13/69 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] We desire the singular tone, the one-tone color of faith. It's first necessary to get rid of all obstructions. We need a direct way to work with nature, the natural workings of the universe. Any obstruction should first be put out of the way. Get rid of what is in the way of true faith training. Thus you can work with the process of life, where divinity and humanity are joined together. Then it's necessary to have the crazy foolishness of persevering in faith. Are we taking it easy? Doing it on our own accord? Following only our own desires? This will not lead to faith which is true.  Purely human sentiment is a large blockage to opening the spirit to true faith. This is a tough and rough teaching, but important to see through. Receiving this teaching Rev. Dick Dusek immediately thought of the conversation with his son last night. Since the 6th of this month Alan has been seeking ways to fulfill his desire to move into another apartment. He's in a small place now. It's inexpensive, but his brother has been living together with him for more than a year. There are many things happening and he would like to move and let Kenny stay in the place alone. He deserves a move. He's working regularly and has the means to manage it. The first difficulty was needing more money for the huge deposit and initial fees to the rental agent and apartment supervisor. After many dialoques and many unsuccessful attempts to get a loan, he still decided not to follow our advice and borrowed from his company's vice-director. My faith and even Miya's (his parents) were really put to the test not once, but repeatedly. Feeling something, but not certain, I tryed again and again to slow down his attempt to rent the apartment he so strongly desired. He manner slowly changed; his way of speaking shifted from the pushy stubborn and demanding demeanor he had at first. He even admitted to a lie he tryed to use to reach his goal. He had not really lost all the money he had said he had. And he apologized. Miya and I at the very same time came together in the mediation hall of the church and shared the same point -- let's permit the move and gurantee his rental contract. He has not listened to sound advice, but we decided together that Kami wants us to assist him in this move at this time. We felt it was just like the founder assiting his son, Shojin, with money. Last night we signed the paperwork. He asked if I would come help him move. I've done so before, but last night I answered in pure negative tones. I would not leave the church, I told him. The stance I took isn't mistaken, but I need not discuss it in a negative way. I apologized this morning to Kami and, even before receiving this morning's teaching, was deeply praying for this move, for the assistance he will need, and for all other matters concerned with the move. I feel it is better to say I will pray for his move and pray for blessings to be received. Last night, before he left, we prayed together for divine arrangements in this matter for all concerned and for every necessity. Pray, instead of saying anything negative. Then look forward to the future for the blessings to come. Faith leads the way. Blessings follow as you go along the way. I feel the very great need of prayer; prayer is of grave importance.
Friday, October 23, 1998 Rev. Eishiro Otsubo Konko Daijin did not have anyone he could ask for teachings. Many people come from afar to receive divine blessings. However, if you have divine virtue, you will be able to pray on your own. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #64] As a baby, you are feed soft, easy-to-digest food. Upon growing up you are able to feed yourself, picking up the cup and holding the fork or spoon. This is how you're able to do it on your own. Since faith, developed traditionally, seems to be something which anyone is able to do on their own, my faith never matures. I am forever holding to the idea that faith is something feed to you in soft, easy-to- eat portions. Faith isn't developed traditionally. Thus ours doesn't mature. 7/24/82 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] Proper pitch, adjustment, growth. It's the aim of faith. It's the aim for faith. Aiming for faith, not just blessings. When you've the proper pitch, it feels good, doesn't it? This is what our late master said to Rev. Eishiro when tuning the samisen. Do you come to the church for blessings?? You should come to practice your faith, to tune your faith. Blessings are to be received at home, in other words, through one's Wagakokoro (peaceful joyful heart). Our pastor has even said that there's no need for the mediation area. But even now how many are still leaning on the mediator? Hanging on to the minister? Or the pastor?? Blessings come through one's own peaceful, joyful heart-spirit. It's not the church, it's not the minister that provides blessings. Blessings are born in the spirit you develop. Aim for a larger spirit, a more enriched heart. Set the compass needle of faith on tuning and practicing faith. Blessings come through such preparation and constant checking along the way. Come to church to practice faith. Tune up and take it home to try out. Setting the aim for faith prepares the spirit for accepting the blessings of the moment, for that day.
Thursday, October 22, 1998 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo Konko Daijin tells how he has received blessings from Tenchi Kane No Kami. For those who doubt and do not listen to what Konko Daijin says, let them be. They are so darling. They will receive divine blessings when the time comes. You will understand this when you have children. Children who do not listen to their parents are most distressing. Parents can do nothing for children who do not listen to them. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #20] The first two mini-teachings are given for extra blessings. 1) This is why we call Tenchi Kane No Kami 'The Parent Kami.'* It's not that "a lost soul is beyond redemption," but that the divine request is for the depths of parental care. In the teaching there is "they are so darling."* It does not mean 'pitiful.'* It expresses the very depths of The Divine Heart. Therefore Kami and humans can announce themselves as 'parent and child.'* From that point, when you apologize you are forgiven, and when you cling to Kami you are blessed. You should understand well the parts with an asterisk (*). 7/2/70 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 2) This teaching does not just apply to those people who have no faith. Even while you are practicing faith, if you don't listen to teachings or live by them, it is the same as ignoring our parents. Why don't we listen? It is because we don't "understand." Since we do not understand our parent's intentions, we cannot understand our parents' heart. If we do understand our parents' heart, we cannot disrespect them. By understanding the heart of our Heavenly Parent we can do nothing else _but_ practice faith. [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] 7/3/76 This one was read today: 3) This religion did not come from meditating and was not brought about through miracles. It actually is the genuine religion which came from the founder's dialogue with the universe. True religion, as written in kanji characters, is: to teach what the universe is indicating. In this teaching, Konko Daijin tells how he was blessed by receiving exactly these kinds of indications from the Principle Parent of the Universe. 7/11/81 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] NOTE: What is described here is the insight into a unique aspect of the Konko Faith by the component parts of the kanji for "religion," which are: "universe" or "nature" at the top, "indicate" directly below, completing the first figure, and the character for "teach" as the second figure. Together, they literally mean: "To teach what the universe is indicating." The divine reminder is summarizing the founder's understanding of the blessings he receives from the Parental Kami. It's the blessings of the Wagakokoro, the peaceful joyful heart. Our master realized through respecting the processes of life that all is actually divine love. Everything is the work of our divine parent. Realizing that, we are awakened and live in a world with divine blessings. The natural work of the universe is the process of life. Thus respecting and accepting the process is the human way to reach the blessings of a truly peaceful joyful heart. It the way to realize the intercommunication that the founder had with the Principal Parent of the Universe. Doubting the natural works of the process, there is nothing but to await the right time. Those who believe in the devil see evil and wrongs and those without faith as such a demon. They can't see outside of their own belief system. There are so many belief systems and many at such a high level. However, the late Rev. S. Otsubo has taught that one needs not go beyond the human way of attaining a peaceful joyful heart, the Wagakokoro. It is similar to going up to high mountain peaks. The high elevation has very thin air which is difficult for humans to breathe easily. You need not reach for such high peaks. One needs not attain a divine paradise or any heavenly perfection. Human happiness is found in the process of life. Respecting the process leads one to the peaceful joyful heart. It's natural and very human.
Wednesday, October 21, 1998 Rev. Mikisaburo Otsubo As you know, there is a saying that one seed becomes ten thousand. When one person receives divine blessings, a thousand, even ten thousand people will be able to receive divine blessings. You should practice faith and become a good example for others. [Teachings of Konko Daijin #63] Faith that is an example for others is like: No matter how difficult things are, when thinking it's divine love tears of gracious joy are shed; in any situation whatsoever, it is faith that expresses gratitude. When that is possible you can receive the blessings of one seed becoming ten thousand. Puckery persimmons are peeled and hung up. Drying powdery white they turn sweet. The problem is when you are being peeled and hung up to remove the bitterness. It is at this time you shall find the depths of the Divine Heart. 7/15/77 [Mini-teaching of Rev. Soichiro Otsubo] What is the meaning of blessings in the phrase, "when one person receives divine blessings"? In the Konko teachings the word 'blessings' has a very wide range of meaning, from desirous blessings and faith for blessings, to virtuous blessings and true divine blessings. However, the blessings of the person which can be spread to tens of thousands of others must be core blessings of a deep fundamental kind. Listening to a tape of the 1964s our late master was teaching the strength of one's thankfullness. By taking difficult as training for faith, and taking that training thankfully, there is no limit to the blessings available. The strength of such thankful training opens the heart for an equal strength of blessings. With the strength of 100, 100 blessings are received. Thus one person receiving such thankful strength, the blessings can be spread and thousands of others receive blessings. One's life becomes their faith, and faith becomes life. It is talking of substantial blessings. The level is high. We are seeking the heart of divinity, a peaceful joyful (WA-GA) heart. Where the bitterness of ourself is being removed is where the depths of thankful faith develops. Substance of faith is developed when the appropriate is done appropriately at the appropriate time. Anyone can do it, anywhere, at anytime. It is quite a high level of blessings. Such blessings know no limit. With the strength of a thousand, a thousand people receive the blessings; raising the strength of thankful faith, tens of thousands, even millions can receive the blessings.
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